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has become a worldwide success story with her
distinctive blending of rock and pop sounds with Latin
and Arabic beats. Courtesy of Flash Entertainment Abu
Dhabi, Amr Diab and Shakira played Yas Arena as part
of the Yas Island Show weekend tour. Returning to UAE
shores following her mind-blowing 2008 New Year’s Eve
performance, Shakira once again brought her unique pop/
folk sound and astonishing Middle Eastern and Latin-
inspired energetic dance moves to the island. Fans of both
stars gathered with nationalities from around the world
coming together for an evening of first class entertainment
and it rocked!
As we entered Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi there was a
positive buzz amongst the music fans filing in and we
just knew this was going to be a great night of vibrant
entertainment from a ground-breaking rock and pop
sensation. Some people are born performers, some
people have an incredible stage presence, some people
have beautiful voices that can captivate a crowd and some
people can move to the music with such style and rhythm
that you can’t tear your eyes away from them. Shakira
can do it all – she really is the full package and having
been lucky enough to see her perform at Yas Arena on Yas
Island we can say that with absolute conviction. It was
Joining Shakira for the evening was Amr Diab, three times
award winner of the World Music Awards for his albums
‘Nour El Ain and Aktar Wahed’. He bounded onto the
stage bursting with energy and gave a vibrant and cultural
performance with tracks like “Nour El Ein”, “Al Alem
Allah”. He certainly charmed the crowd and built up an
expectant and enthusiastic mood amongst the audience in
preparation for Shakira’s stunning performance.
So, Amr Diab, the King of Arab pop had set the mood
for the evening and you could feel the huge anticipation
in the arena as we waited for Shakira to emerge. This is
a lady who knows how to make an entrance! She came
through the crowd wearing a head-turning bright pink
hooded clock which she removed on stage to reveal a
fantastic gold top to complement her golden tousled hair
and black wet look leggings perfect for emphasising those
infamous hip movements. Shakira’s fabulous set following
Amr Diab’s perfect performance certainly lived up to the
hype as she brought east and west together in imitable
musical harmony.
The hips don’t lie!
My personal favourite is the 2010 FIFAWorld Cup
anthem “Waka Waka” (This time for Africa) and I
certainly wasn’t disappointed when she took to the stage
for this incredible number. It’s not difficult to appreciate
why this hit caused a worldwide sensation, selling over
two million singles making it the biggest World Cup
song ever released. And boy did the Shakira do it justice
– belting it out with all her heart and soul. As Shakira
chanted “Africa, Africa, Africa”, the crowd (us included)
were bouncing up and down and going wild. The
atmosphere was electric with the air filled with the sheer
volume of clapping, cheering and singing.
Watching her belly dancing with her two backing dancers,
we just wanted to get up on the stage and join in. Not
only is Shakira blessed with an ultra powerful voice, she
also created a global phenomenon with her womanly
hip-shaking moves. Her Middle Eastern heritage has been
credited for her artistic take on belly dancing. Apparently
Shakira once told an MTV reporter she learned how to
belly dance by trying to flip a coin on her stomach – we
don’t care how she learned, we’re just so in awe of her
incredible dance moves – pure brilliance.
No one could resist wriggling their hips to the Latin and
Arabic beats – well really, how can you stop your hips
from moving when you have a superstar setting such a
fine example on the stage in front of your eyes! Cameras
were flashing everywhere and with such an awesome show
unfolding before us, it is hardly surprising that people
hoped to capture the magic. I don’t think I was the only
one left wanting more from the Latin superstar after she
performed this uplifting anthem.
Shakira is the second-most successful female Latin singer after Gloria
Estefan with global sales of 70 million albums and having had the pleasure
of watching her perform it’s easy to see why. It was a massive privilege
to see this international superstar during our recent trip to Abu Dhabi
as she electrified the stage at the Yas Arena with tracks like “Why Wait”
and “Waka Waka” and to watch her perform her classics “Whenever,
Whenever”, “She Wolf ” and “Hips Don’t Lie as well as other fantastic hits
from her 9th studio album, ‘The Sun Comes Out’.