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We were surrounded by some very excitable fans and just
couldn’t fail to be swept up by the passion of the fans in
the arena. The stunningly beautiful Shakira couldn’t fail
to bring a smile to the faces of the crowd and everyone
was up on their feet and dancing away throughout the
evening. Shakira beautifully showcased the impressive
versatility which has been instrumental in her huge
success. Singing in Spanish, English and Arabic, this
is a lady of many talents. With her distinctive eclectic
musical approach intense romantic numbers were
interspersed with rock and pop offering something to
appeal to everyone. Leaving Abu Dhabi in satisfied awe
after such an amazing performance, Shakira had pulled
out all the stops and once again Flash Entertainment had
hosted another unforgettable weekend of entertainment
for thousands of music fans. Shatha Al Romaithi, an
entertainment spokesperson for Flash said:
“We have worked very hard throughout the year to secure
some of the world’s best and worked even harder to make
sure everyone who comes to each of our concerts leaves with
memorable moments.”
Thanks for the music and the memories
We can vouch for that hard work as when we left the
arena it was with some fantastic memories of a thoroughly
enjoyable and exhilarating experience. Shaking our
hips on Yas Island is up there with our most memorable
moments! The way she carries herself with such poise
and elegance, you know that Shakira is a lovely lady and
this was confirmed by the relationship she built with
the audience. All around us, both throughout the show
and as we left the arena with the throngs of contented
fans, we could hear praise and complements for a born
performer. Flash Entertainment, the concert organisers
certainly know how to put on a show and what a treat
the evening was. Shakira’s name is Arabic and when
translated means thankful – something we know the
whole arena were after a truly amazing evening. We know
we left the area feeling on top of the world. A&J would
like to extend our warmest thanks to Shakira, Amr Diab,
Flash Entertainment and all the staff and crew at the Yas
Arena for an unforgettable evening spent in the presence
of a superstar.