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a new chap t e r i n the s t o r y o f the UAE
A beautiful voyage
Imagine a place where gleaming azure crystal waters lap gently against glimmering
pristine shoreline, a place where seven distinct cultural districts provide visitors and
residents with endless opportunities to dine, rest, play, laugh, shop, work, love and live.
Imagine a large, low lying natural island which boasts a pulsating cultural hub, a family
friendly waterfront, a bustling business community and unspoiled natural beauty. Let us
take you there – it’s all in the location and what a location it is! Alongside Abu Dhabi’s
celebrated coast lies the natural island known as Saadiyat Island. Just seven minutes from
downtown Abu Dhabi and twenty minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport,
Saadiyat Island will be reached by two major highway bridges that will link it with the
mainland. Saadiyat Island is being developed by the Tourism Development & Investment
Company (TDIC), an independent company of which Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
(ADTA) is the sole shareholder.
The massive commercial, residential and leisure project that will transform Saadiyat
Island into one of the most sought-after tourist destinations is currently under
construction and the highly anticipated projects include the opening of the Louvre and
Guggenheim and a nine kilometre beach lined with tempting five star hotels where you
can relax and indulge the senses. It all sounds good to us!
Rejoicing in the renaissance of Arabian living, over 27 square kilometres, seven districts
combine culture, leisure and business in perfect harmony on a dream island which will be
conveniently connected to Abu Dhabi Island via bridges and tunnels. The seven districts
which make up the island are: Saadiyat Cultural District, Saadiyat Marina, Saadiyat
Beach, Saadiyat Promenade, Saadiyat Lagoons, Saadiyat Reserve and Saadiyat Retreat.
Surrounded by iconic landmarks and azure Arabian waters, over 145,000 people are
expected to live on the island upon completion with the scope to accommodate more
than 170,000 people.
Saadiyat Island will feature first-class hospitality, education and leisure, combined with
the world’s largest concentration of cultural institutions, all within easy reach. The
ambitious and highly anticipated plans for the island encompass the creation of luxury
hotels, over three million square metres of office space, marinas with berths for 1,000
boats, two championship golf courses, civic and leisure facilities, sea-view apartments and
elite villas. Forming its own future, Saadiyat Island is already emerging as an attractive
and highly sought-after destination for business and pleasure alike.