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had toured with. The couple quickly became engaged and
married in a secret ceremony in September 2004, the same
month that Britney released a cover of Bobby Brown’s
1988 hit ‘My Prerogative’ – a single from the ‘Greatest
Hits’ album that was then released in November that year.
Britney won her first Grammy for ‘Best Dance Recording’
for the single ‘Toxic’ in February 2005 shortly before her
announcement that she was expecting her first child. Her
son, Sean Preston was born in September and, showing
no signs of slowing down, Brit released a remix album ‘B
in the mix, the Remixes’ in the November of that year.
Early in 2006 it was revealed that the singer was pregnant
with her second child another son – Jayden James – born
in September of that year, but sadly Britney and Kevin’s
marriage officially ended the following year. Following
some personal struggles after the birth of her two sons
and her marriage breakdown, there was much anticipation
for Britney’s ‘Big Comeback’ as the opening act at the
2007 MTV Video Music Awards and her new single
‘Gimme More’ was released ahead of yet another album
– ‘Blackout’ released in October 2007. Continuing in
with the steely determination that made her a household
name the first time around, Britney’s comeback saw her
take home her first Video Music Awards for Best Female
Video followed by Best Pop Video and video of the year at
the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008. In spring 2009,
Britney embarked on yet another world tour to promote
her ‘Circus’ album.
Whatever next for the Magnificent Miss Spears?
Britney Spears has worked hard to get to where she is
today and her widely-anticipated seventh studio album
Femme Fatale was launched this year with the fabulous
Femme Fatale tour receiving universally good reviews.
She’s recognised as the best-selling female artist of the
first decade of the 21st century, and in June last year was
ranked sixth on Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful and
Influential celebrities in the world. The name ‘Britney’
is legendary both in media and celebrity circles and
everyone wants to know what the teen sensation who kept
re-inventing herself with regular successful ‘come backs’
will do next. Will it be a film or a tour? What’s next for
the ever-ambitious Miss Spears? This Pop Princess will
surely retain her crown for years to come and we, along
with the rest of the world, will be watching...
A Positive Impact of Pop Culture
Engaging young girls, teenage boys and older men,
Britney had a huge impact on pop culture. Her second
single, ‘Sometimes’, was released in June 1999 followed by
‘Crazy’ in September and ‘From the bottom of my broken
heart’ soon after. The American Awards, MTV and Teen
Choice awards soon began rolling in and, in early 2000,
Britney was nominated for two Grammy awards. Once
it began, Britney’s success continued apace and in 2000
at just 18, she released her second album in 2000, ‘Oops!
I did it again’ and single of the same title, which topped
the singles chart for 5 weeks. Smash singles ‘Stronger’
and ‘Lucky’ and the talented and gorgeous young woman
soon became referred to as the ‘Pop Princess’ with more
awards to her name as well as a profitable deal with Pepsi-
Cola for sponsorship and advertising. At 19 her budding
relationship with NSYNC heart throb Justin Timberlake
also saw interest in the young pop sensation increase as
Britney tried to foster a more grown up public persona
in time for her next LP release in late 2001. ‘I’m a slave 4
u’ made the top ten that November, taking her in a fresh
in musical direction and was followed by the release of
her third LP, self-titled ‘Britney’, which shot to the top of
the albums charts, breaking records for a female artist. In
February 2002, her debut movie Crossroads was released
followed by the song ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’,
from the film’s soundtrack. Shortly after, ‘Overprotected’
climbed the charts and Britney embarked on a worldwide
‘Dream within a dream tour’. However, when her four
year relationship with Timberlake ended she decided to
take some time out yet still retained significant celebrity
status with “Forbes” declaring her “The World’s most
powerful celebrity” in mid-2002.
Constant Re-invention
Despite press intrusion as she faced some difficult
personal challenges, Britney re-invented herself for the
release of her new album in late 2003 and it was clear
that her appeal had not waned as the album topped the
Billboard 200 albums charts. Aged 22, Britney was taking
control of her incredible pop career and soon released one
of her biggest singles, ‘Toxic’, which topped various charts
around the world including the UK and Canadian singles
charts. The single was a phenomenal success and proved to
critics she still had want was needed to retain her ‘Princess
of Pop’ crown. Other singles from the album included
the gold-selling ‘Everytime’, which topped the UK singles
chart. In her personal life, Britney began a relationship
with Kevin Federline, a former backing dancer who she
talent shows until her audition for the ‘Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse’ TV series. However, at the age of just eight,
she was too young for the role on offer. A relocation to
New York with her mother and baby sister saw Britney
land several TV adverts and star in an off-Broadway
play, ‘Ruthless’, where she was understudy with Natalie
Portman. Her passion for music and dance never left her
and, two years later, she auditioned for a part on ‘Mickey
Mouse’ again. A little older and with the experience
behind her, she was successful this time round and ended
up as a ‘Mouseketeer’, alongside young stars, Christina
Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. The show proved to
be an invaluable training ground for the young Britney
who benefitted from extensive training in dance, drama
and singing. When the show was cancelled two years
later, Britney was older and wiser and returned home as a
‘typical’ teenager who became the Homecoming Queen.
Despite the usual teenage parties and socialising, Britney
was eager to pursue her dreams to become a star and her
determination to succeed saw her return to New York.
Demo tapes to various labels including Sony and Mercury,
were rejected but Britney remained focused, finally
capturing the attention of Jive Records. Her hard work
and determination had paid off and so it was that the
ambitious young Miss Spears was on the path to becoming
the critically acclaimed iconic star we see before us today.
A Household Name
Her massively popular debut single ‘(Hit me) Baby one
more time’ from her debut album of the same name was
released by Jive in 1998 to global success which was a pop
hit around the globe, accompanied by the memorable
video, featuring a 16-year old Britney Britney dressed as
a schoolgirl, baring her soon-to-be-famous midriff and
so it was that Britney became a household name and
seemingly overnight international success. It was now
obvious she was destined to be the star she had always
dreamed of becoming as by July 2001 she had sold 13
million copies of ‘Baby’ and 9 million of her sophomore
album, ‘Oops!...I Did It Again’, released in May of 2000.
She toured with the popular boy band NSYNC and the
single shot to the top of the charts for 3 weeks. Her debut
album was released a few months later in early 1999 and,
like the single, took to the top of the album charts, where
it remained number one for six weeks. The album has now
sold millions worldwide and is officially 14 x platinum in
the US.