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Explaining his enthusiasm prior to his Middle Eastern
trip, McCartney said;
“I think the particular excitement of going to Abu Dhabi
is the F1 aspect. For me and particularly for some of the
members of our crew who are F1 fans.”
Sir Paul McCartney was delighted to introduce his
stunning new wife to the world’s top drivers as he visited
some of the F1 qualifying sessions. The newly-weds were
clearly still basking in the delights of the ‘honeymoon
period’ as they toured the Yas Marina Circuit on Saturday
following qualifying for the Formula One Grand Prix.
The excitement was a two-way thing, with many of motor
racing’s finest descending on Sir Paul to get a photo with
this iconic rock star. The ‘On the Run’ show followed
hot in the tracks from the United Arab Emirates city’s
thrilling Grand Prix, the following evening on Sunday 13
Adrenalin-fuelled Performance
‘Macca’ as he is affectionately known, is widely regarded
as one of the most successful entertainers of all time
so the expectation was high before this musical genius
arrived on stage and he certainly didn’t disappoint. In a
lively and vibrant performance that belied his 69 years, it
became apparent this is a man in no hurry to slow down!
Stepping up the already adrenalin-fuelled Formula 1
World Championship pace following the exhilaration of
Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 triumph, by another gear, in
an energetic set that lasted almost three hours – including
two encores – McCartney engaged the animated crowd
throughout with solo classics including ‘Band on the Run’
and ‘Jet’, along with big Beatles hits such as ‘Hey Jude’ and
‘Back in the USSR’.
Respectively ending many renditions with ‘Shukran’,
Paul McCartney also took several opportunities to
congratulate Lewis Hamilton on his Abu Dhabi Grand
Prix victory. And of course, there simply had to be a
mention of his super-talented former fellow Beatle and
legend John Lennon with whom he collaborated on many
iconic Beatle’s classics. Lennon also featured, beyond
the co-written Beatles songs, with one song, introduced
in Arabic, dedicated “to my friend John”, with the words
written on the floor of the stage. Later in the show came
a great performance of the Lennon-Yoko Ono track
‘Give Peace a Chance’. After a most fabulous evening of
entertainment, anticipation from the energised Yas crowd
was high for the show finale and the most successful man
in rock n’ roll history stepped up to the mark, stunning his
fans with an incredibly powerful version of the awesome
‘Live and Let Die’ which finished spectacularly with
crowd-stopping explosive fireworks bursting into colour
from the arena roof and whipping up the crowd as they
burst into a lively sing-a-long of the immortal Beatles
favourite ‘Yesterday’ – the perfect way to bring an evening
of vibrant fun to a fitting close. According to the BBC,
‘Yesterday’ has been covered by well over 2000 artists —
more than any other song in the history of recorded music
– and the revved up Yas crowd were more than happy to
take the opportunity to sing along. A frenzy befitting of
the ‘Beatlemania’ of old had descended on Abu Dhabi and
the buzzing crowds dispersed happily after a sensational
evening’s entertainment. Having seen the show ourselves,
the Liverpool fans are in for a tremendous treat as Paul
himself has said;
“Playing in Liverpool is special. This year’s date will be a
year to the day of last year’s Liverpool show. It’s become a
bit of a tradition, to have a bit of a homecoming... Most of
the people in the audience would be friends of mine.”
With such an interesting life McCartney is so renowned
across the globe he feels like everyone’s friend. It may have
all begun in 1940s Liverpool but on the 13 November
2011 the story continued rocking at Abu Dhabi and we
loved every minute of it.
Background to a Star
McCartney was born on June 18 1942 in Walton
Hospital in Liverpool – where his mother had worked
as a maternity nurse – to Jim and Mary McCartney and
has a younger brother, Michael, born in 1944. Baptised
as a Roman Catholics, the boys were raised non-
denominationally as Mary was Roman Catholic and James
– ‘Jim’ McCartney, was a Protestant turned agnostic.
After being one of only four out of 90 examinees to
pass the 11-plus exam in 1953 and gain admission to
the Liverpool Institute, it was the following year while
travelling by bus from his home in the suburb of Speke
to the Institute that he met George Harrison, who lived
nearby – little were they to know what that meeting
would mean to both their lives, when he went on to
invite him to join a band that would eventually became
The Beatles. Having passed the exam, McCartney and
Harrison were now grammar school boys rather than
attending a secondary modern school like the majority
of pupils, but as a minority they had to find new friends
and their own a path in life – and what a path it would
be! On 31 October 1956, Mary McCartney died of
an embolism after a mastectomy operation to stop the
spread of her breast cancer. The tragic early loss of his
mother would later see McCartney develop a special
bond with John Lennon, whose own mother Julia died
after being struck by a car when Lennon was just 17.
Luckily, McCartney’s father was a positive influence on
this budding young star’s life. He was a trumpet player
and pianist who had led JimMac’s Jazz Band in the 1920s
and encouraged his two sons to be musical. He had an
upright piano in the front room that he had bought from
Epstein’s North End Music Store and used to identify the
various instruments in songs on the radio, as well as taking
the boys to local brass band concerts. With his father’s
SIR PAUL McCa r tne y
Paul McCartney is on the run. But don’t be alarmed – he hasn’t lost
control of his senses, but rather has embarked on a sensational new tour
that will take this superstar back to Rome, Russia and his native Liverpool
in England, not to mention his visit to Abu Dhabi. A legend in his own
lifetime, this uber-talented former Beatle took command of the stage in
Abu Dhabi with a spectacular crowd-pleasing performance that showed
off his rare musical gift to its full wonderful capacity. With his beautiful
new wife – Nancy Shevell – at his side, Sir Paul McCartney arrived the day
before his big race gig at the F1 arena to make the most of the exhilarating
race atmosphere as the Formula One action unfolded.