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Salvatore Ferragamo
A subtle game of seduction. An elusive woman
interpreting an alchemy of contrasts, nonchalantly
mixing masculinity and femininity, white and black, lax
and rigorous, micro and macro.
Her inclination towards luxury rarefies into an attitude of
absolute dynamism: métissage makes her unpredictable
and contemporary at one and the same time.
A spirit free from conventions, her unique taste chooses
the sartorial aplomb of a deep-necked pinstripe robe
manteau and the assured femininity of a pump. She wears
overcoats and trenches with generous volumes and wide
shoulders, masculine cut jackets with pointed lapels and
traditional patterns such as Prince of Wales, pinstripes
and houndstooth.
She likes to juxtapose animal prints (a stylistic hallmark
of the Maison) infused with impeccable lingerie detailing
and transparency resulting in silk shirts and dresses
treated by torchon draping.
She combines shirts with structured collars and
geometric pattern scarves with body hugging cut skirts
gathered around the waist, or trousers with pleats that
highlights the seductiveness of her captivating, sleek
pumps. Fox, mink and lynx fur are layered over high-
necked chemisiers, fluid velvet dresses and chiffon/fabric
The night is illuminated by magnetic shimmering and
transparency: dresses with plunging necks that indulge in
sophisticated combinations of Swarovski mesh and lace
detailing or in sumptuous bustier dresses and embroidery
A story of atmospheres is painted in primary colours.
The palette is dominated by black and white, endlessly
vying and intermingling, fading to grey and then lit up by
flashes of red.
Footwear is a reflection on the ultra-ideal: Salvatore
Ferragamo’s iconic pump, re-invented in modern
materials alongside the timeless luxury of crocodile and
python. This intense femininity also pervades through
spectacular jewels: geometric necklaces, black and white
rhinestone chokers and Swarovski-detailed “panther”
bracelets. Elegance is continually re-asserted by elements
of extreme distinction: handbags superbly crafted in
soft calf leather are adorned with the exquisite texture
of pure crocodile, breathing new life into structured
pocketbooks and pochettes.
With this leitmotif of luxury filtered by an unmistakable
feminine sensibility, Salvatore Ferragamo presents the
woman of autumn/winter 2011-2012.