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Designer lift: Beyond the glow
Full coverage in the most feather light texture there is. Comfort, sensory delight and hold.
Designer lift creates the perfect balance.
The “Armani glow” reaches its height: the skin is cloaked in a matte and luminous veil.
The stretch texture, rich in active ingredients, enhances the youthfulness of the face.
Just likeCouture, the difference is in the details. Designer lift’s added extra is anunusual hint
of Prussian blue pearliser. A bold addition that brings a new freshness to the complexion.
Nothing is more difficult to achieve than apparent simplicity. The best of Giorgio Armani
technology is combined in this formula, resulting in an immediate effect.
A natural result is guaranteed and reached easily, as if it was the work of a practised make-
up artist.
The skin-enhancing action of a stretch texture
Drawing on Micro-Fil stretch technology, Designer lift drapes the skin in a new cosmetic
textile: an extremely fine extendable mesh, inspired by stretch fabrics. Smooth and
voluptuous, Designer lift gently embraces the face. Sensory pleasure and absolute comfort,
for hours... A perfect second-skin sensation.
Rich in active ingredients, the formula delivers a three-tiered effect
A smoothing and sculpting effect, thanks to a duo of optical fillers: velvety powders – one
satiny, the other matte – which play with the reflection of light to blur imperfections,
intensify radiance and enhance the facial contours.
An instant lifting effect, achieved with a “liquid powder” that forms an ultra-fine toning
network on the surface of the skin.
A visible firming effect, due to a rich, emollient formula that leaves the skin plumper and
denser.This effect is reinforced by the presence of adenosine, which restructures the dermal
matrix day after day. Added value: high protection against photo ageing with an SPF of 20.
Result: a spectacular 12-hour rejuvenating action.
A revolution: the “blue glow” effect
The unexpected, a blue pearliser is introduced into the Designer lift formula.
A precise, finely dosed blue: Prussian blue.
For Giorgio Armani, whose colour inspiration is born on the shores of the
Mediterranean, this deep, almost navy blue has become a key tone, an emblem of his
Found in all its glory in design details each season, it is also the secret of Armani black:
a singular black hue cut with a hint of blue for enhanced radiance. Its inclusion may be
surprising in the field of cosmetics, and yet with its perfect chromatic balance, Prussian
blue is able to make whites more luminous. An instant effect on the skin: irregularities
are corrected and the skin appears smoother. The complexion is translucently illuminated,
glowing with freshness, as if light were emanating from within.
The same philosophy from fashion to make-up: enhance the natural.
Highlight without distorting. Emphasize without exaggerating.
Light is magnified and exalted by the finest of materials.
At the heart of Giorgio Armani make-up, Micro-Fil technology creates real cosmetic
weaves, translucent, ethereal veils of colour layered to create the perfect aura.
Distinctively radiant skin: the inimitable “Armani glow”.