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The Mouawad legacy spans several generations and continents and is a story of
innovation, artistic excellence, entrepreneurship and dedication to the growth and
integrity of the jewelry industry.
Mouawad is dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and technical perfection,
creating jewelry of unsurpassed beauty. Steeped in rich traditions with a family
history of masterful jewelry design and Swiss watch-making excellence, the
Mouawad brand is synonymous with luxury and refinement.
Around the world, Mouawad collections are worn by royalty, celebrities and connoisseurs of
exquisite jewelry. Mouawad was Founded in 1890 A fully integrated company, Mouawad creates
designs, manufactures, distributes and markets its own products. Currently operating in 9
countries with 12 showrooms
Jan 1st, 2010 Robert Mouawad retired from the jewelry business and handed over the
management to his sons Fred and Pascal who are now the 4th generation Co-Guardians. This
transition ushered in a new year, and the dawn of a new era for the Mouawad Group.