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TAGHeuer has chosen to exalt the outstanding design of the TAGHeuer LINK
with a seductive adornment of diamonds
The TAG Heuer LINK is the ultimate communication tool. Swiss-engineered,
built in France, and powered by the world’s most advanced operating system,
it shares the core values of every breakthrough TAG Heuer creation: advanced
design and materials, peerless hand assembled and craftsmanship, unsurpassed
reliability, and a total commitment to the avant-garde spirit.
It is the first luxury smartphone with a touch screen, it is also the first equipped with Google
Android operating system. Unlike anything else in the luxury market, the TAG Heuer LINK is a
high-performance machine of unprecedented functionality. Stand out features include lightning-
fast connectivity, 16-million colour screen resolution, a large 3.5’’ display, a high-definition
5-mega-pixel auto-focus camera, 11 hours of music listening time, and, through its avant-
garde Android operating system, access to download over 250,000 applications. It also comes
fully loaded with a host of exclusive TAG Heuer add-ons: customized screen designs, widgets,
animations, wallpapers, icons and ring tones.
A diamonds’ unique shine is forever
Retaining the curves and the geometry of the TAG Heuer LINK, the diamond-setter, in the
grandest Swiss watchmaking tradition, has used a total of 1,007 top Wesselton (2.53 carats)
diamonds to adorn the front housing, the sides, the back cover, the rear plate and the crown,
guaranteeing the perfect harmony of the whole piece. This fabulous gem-setting work is a
technical and artistic performance experience. Each diamond is verified for size, color, clarity
and weight by gemologists before being carefully set by hand. At this stage, the know-how of the
jeweller makes the difference: the regularity and the precision of the setting are crucial for an
ideal reflection of light and a perfect geometry. Once the entire piece is set, it is highlighted by a
polisher who gives to the 316L stainless steel its dazzling radiance.
This degree of sophistication demands excellence down to the last detail of the finishes, both
aesthetically and technically.
The combination of the 33 diamond-encrusted TAG Heuer shield with a white mother-of-
pearl plate on the back offers a discreet flash of brilliance when the piece is held to the ear in
conversation. Finest white lizard skin and mirror-polished 316L stainless steel reinforce the
dazzling clarity of these stones.
The TAGHeuer LINK is perfect for the sporty, tech savvy businessmen. However, when dressed
with such precious materials, it transforms into the ultimate seductive, luxurious masterpiece.