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Seductive rarity merges with essential touch phone technology in two of Versace
Unique’s most sublime models yet.
With exquisite gemstone settings in diamonds and pink sapphires, and grey or
pink lizard glossed with a subtle finish – the debut Precious Joaillerie Collection
of Versace Unique stands at the apex of luxurious extravagance in our digital age.
These two versions of the Versace Unique Precious Joaillerie Collection, available from June 2011,
are made to order only upon clients’ requests. Such limited production speaks to the time and
complex skill devoted to the mobile touch phone’s craftsmanship, as well as to the rarity of the
precious materials united under Versace’s signature style: always sexy and ceaselessly glamorous.
Material Seduction: Exotic Lizard, Brilliant-Cut Diamonds and Precious Pink Sapphires
Either darkly opulent or playfully luminous, choose grey or pink Argentinean lizard to set the
This tactile exotic skin covers the back and bottom edge of Versace Unique’s hand polished 316L
stainless steel frame. Sourced within the regulations of the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species (CITES), the lizard features a soft touch, as well as sensual, glossed appeal
The cool, smoky yet deeply seductive soft grey lizard is joined by a stunning assemblage of 1134
brilliant cut diamonds, of remarkable clarity and colour – 5.6 carats total adorn variously the
loud speaker, the bottom back bar and flank the rear camera engraved with Versace’s emblematic
Medusa head insignia. Precisely 840 diamonds comprise the front bevelled frame alone.
Playfully energetic pink lizard skin finds a sexy accent in the most scintillating, stand-out precious
stone setting to adorn a mobile touch phone to date. A purely diamond setting at the top of
the front frame cascades in transition to a purely pink sapphire setting at the base. Sapphires
carry along in a triple row at back, and rows flanking the rear camera plate. Exactly 560 brilliant
cut diamonds, totalling 2.8 carats, appear like falling stars descending into a pink pool of 574
sapphires total, amounting to 2.80 carats. This audacious mix is a highly styled statement piece of
jewelled perfection married to modernity.
The Touch of Luxury
The fingers of one hand glide across the largest crystal sapphire touch screen display currently
on the market, while the fingers of the other grasp the fine setting of diamonds upon the front
housing; the palm cradles the exotic lizard skin upon the solid frame, equally tempting to touch.
A seductively tactile experience defines the Versace Unique, the first full-featured multimedia
touch phone in luxury mobile technology. Versace Unique Precious Joaillerie Collection takes
this experience even further to the heights of adornment found only in the realms of High
Jewellery: rarefied, refined and supremely unique.
Price: 30,000 Swiss Francs (approximately $35,000 USD)