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Roland Iten and Bugatti have joined forces to create a mechanical belt buckle
that is a masterpiece of fine-tuning for today’s discerning gentlemen.
Developed in association with the legendary Bugatti
company, Roland Iten has designed a unique mechanical
belt mechanism to rival even the finest watch movements.
Hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions all
interconnect to create a mechanism that allows the wearer
to obtain the absolute precise fit.
Traditional belts come in lengths of 90, 100, 110 or 120
cm, but the Roland Iten R22 Mk.I-22mm “Bugatti edition”
mechanical buckle is micro customizable to any size,
whether it is 87.29, 99.45 or 108.98 cm. This sophisticated
instrument, constructed with the highest precision
mechanics and the finest materials, not only allows a
contemplated adjustment to the exact waist measurement,
but affords an expansion range of 22mm thanks to a
unique reverse engineered “engrenage” invention which
is discreetly cached under the “hood” of this magnificent
Comprised of precisely 100 components in solidwhite gold,
lightweight titanium and stainless steel, each piece of this
limited edition series of 22, has been entirely handcrafted,
polished and assembled by R Magnin Bijouterie, master
–craftsmen in hi-precision watch-making in Geneva,
Switzerland and supervised throughout the production
process by Roland Iten himself. Says Iten “ I have been
working together with Patrick Magnin on the engineering
and manufacture of my mechanical buckles since 2002.
It’s a partnership built on mutual respect and together we
have amassed considerable knowledge proprietary to the
manufacture of Roland Iten® mechanical pieces”.
The patent-pending expansion mechanism uses flow-
guiding wheels that are incorporated into the teeth of the
gear system to provide a “click-free click” and minimal
friction. There are five gears in total that allow the fine-
tuning calibration of the belt from 0-22mm. A rolling click
calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction
controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion
clip all demonstrate the incredible mechanical savoir-faire
that is hiding under the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes
de Genève decoration.
Performance and calibration are at the heart of all of Roland
Iten’s inventions - precision adjusting watch buckles,
cufflinks which regulate the circumference of your cuff to
your watch size, mechanical cases which cascade your credit
cards at just the precise angle and gold shoelace tips which
keep your shoelaces fixed into the perfect knot bring the
ultimate in performance to the gentleman in search of
perfection. Roland Iten is a well-respected pioneer in
micro mechanics and has been commissioned by master
watchmakers such as François-Paul Journe, Greubel Forsey
and Jaeger-LeCoultre for his watch buckles that follow the
same concept of contemplated calibration and fitness for
The R22 Mk.I-22mm “Bugatti edition” buckle is an object
of precision engineering that opens a whole new world of
surprise, delight and amusement to boys looking for the
ultimate toy. “When you turn the ignition of a Bugatti, it
doesn’t roar into action like so many sports cars, it turns
over flawlessly, a sound that reveals the highest level of
tuning and results in phenomenal car speeds of over 400
km/h,” explains Iten. A Roland Iten mechanical accessory
performs to the same grade of excellence – the sound of
its mechanism in motion, the feel of the materials and its
handling are on par with the most sophisticated engines –
something that can only be appreciated by a true gentleman
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