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Environmental Responsibility you can rely on
Aldar take their responsibility to the environment extremely seriously and won’t
undertake any project without careful consideration to the possible impact on the
natural surroundings. They always investigate ways in which to balance the increasing
infrastructure with a consideration for the natural environment – the trees and parks, the
waterways and bays that integrate with their endeavours. Sustainability is at the heart of
all their development ventures as they have a sound appreciation that only by preserving
the environment can Abu Dhabi become and remain the global city it is set to become.
Wherever possible, Aldar’s development plans are created to work in harmony with the
city’s natural habitats and to protect the environment. Each development is meticulously
planned to enhance the existing beauty of the sea and landscapes in order to blend into
its innate setting rather that create an ugly contrast. After all, Aldar are in the business of
creating environments where people will want to come together to work, rest and play.
At the core of all that Aldar set out to achieve is a deep-rooted belief that any new
developments should skilfully balance the demand for infrastructure with environmental
sustainability. Aldar’s first Sustainability Report in 2009 demonstrated the company’s
commitment to transparency and highlighted the importance they place on integrating
sustainability into the way they do business. They have demonstrated a firm commitment
to continually looking for new ways of integrating renewable energies and energy saving
technologies. Aldar aim to develop long term communities within modern, efficient
and sustainable attractive environments in order to facilitate the social and economic
development of Abu Dhabi whilst also protecting its inherent natural beauty. This is
vital in order to promote Abu Dhabi’s image as a global destination where people can
truly enjoy life.
An Incredible Vision
Our A&J diaries regularly share with you our truly incredible experiences of time spent
in Abu Dhabi – one of the richest and most visionary capital cities in the world. When
it comes to world class developments, the Aldar spirit of building the nation is reflected
in everything that they do and we are hugely excited by the part they are set to play in
the future growth and prosperity of the region. Since they were established in 2005 as
a public company, Aldar have firmly become renowned for world class developments
and it is their integrity as they carry out their projects which has caught our attention as
much as the physical developments themselves. Embracing ideals such as sustainability,
community, environmental responsibility and progress, Aldar is no ordinary property
developer. From what we have witnessed first-hand, the company certainly possesses the
vision, resources and sound business acumen required to direct ambitious development
projects that will bring about positive change. Aldar has continuously proven itself as
the leading integrated property developer and investor in Abu Dhabi with the added
advantages derived from being owner of the largest land bank in the region. With its
sub-tropical arid climate, glorious sunshine and beautiful blue skies Abu Dhabi not
only possesses top international resorts, fabulous beaches, large lush gardens, but also
constitutes over 85% of the nation’s total land area. Aldar appreciates that Abu Dhabi
– as the largest of the seven Emirates – is a place where they can create a really positive
impact and has helped to position the capital as a hub of business and leisure activity
as well as a fantastic place to build an incredible home life. With 9% of the world’s
oil and almost 5% of its gas reserves, Abu Dhabi produces 90% of oil in the UAE and
the income generated has been wittingly ploughed back into the development of the
Emirate for the development of its people. Driven by the firm belief that cities are the
physical frameworks of society, the engine of economy and the heart of culture Aldar is
committed to providing world-class services that will benefit society as a whole.
As a real estate development, management and investment company, Aldar is not simply
in the business of building, it is are building for the nation, building towards a brighter
future, building education, communities, healthcare, hospitality and leisure designed
to create an exceptional environment where all can prosper. With ownership of over
50 million square metres of land in well considered locations throughout the Emirate,
it is clear that the amazing Aldar mean big business and have the development acumen
required to achieve great things in Abu Dhabi and beyond. Their impressive property
portfolio currently incorporates major developments and re-developments across Abu
Dhabi such as Yas Island, Al Raha Beach and Noor Al Ain. Their corporate focus is to
break new ground in terms of large scale development projects by prioritising both the
immediate and future economic, social and physical needs of those who live, work and
visit Abu Dhabi and the United Emirates.
Aldar’s brand is very much based on developing projects that will deliver six distinctive
‘brand experiences’ to its customers. These are: creating communities; injecting
excitement into life; indulging in the best life has to offer; taking time for yourself;
creating inspiring working environments and enjoying spontaneous activities. Let’s take
a look at how they are already achieving this visionary brand identity with their inspiring
developments throughout Abu Dhabi...
Connecting with the Community
For a development to be embraced by the community it needs to be all-encompassing.
No-one knows better than A&J how much the warm hand of friendship and hospitality
means on a visit to Abu Dhabi. People like to feel as though they are welcome, that they
truly belong. At the heart of Aldar’s success are people and the communities they live
and work in. In short, they put communities first. Their philosophy of putting ‘people
before bricks and mortar’ has seen them accomplish magnificent feats and this is just
the start of the story. Aldar take a measured approach to all their development projects
adapting to existing conditions in order to deliver value to all shareholders and put their
customers first. There is a strong appreciation that a home is more than just a building
and extends beyond the brick walls to the shared spaces beyond. Therefore, Aldar want
to create a real community spirit with shared spaces where people can meet to work,
socialise and relax. With restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, schools, mosques, leisure
facilities and healthcare all within close proximity of peoples’ front doors, Aldar will not
only achieve that sense of community, they will also ensure that every member of that
community has a very strong sense of belonging. As Sami Asad, CEO at Aldar verifies;
“Our projects are designed for real lives and real people. Through this delivery we
continue to support the ambitions of Abu Dhabi. Yet we are always looking afresh at
what Abu Dhabi needs, and always identifying new ways to give our customers what they
It is this commitment to putting people first that has proved instrumental in the success
story thus far. You can’t fail to succeed when you have the support of the people you are
providing the new developments for. As Sami Asad says himself;
“We know our success is wholly down to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. We
continuously ask ourselves: who will live here? What would their ideal city look like? And then we
build it.”
Aldar are hugely committed to the philosophy of giving back to the community,
encouraging inward investment and promoting employment. They always strive to
deliver maximum return for stakeholders through sustainable and world class property
developments and through careful planning, ensure delivery of the highest quality
products on time and on budget with the highest standards of finishes. Aldar recognise
that they can learn a great deal from their customers and by staying involved with the
communities they create they can keep up-to-date with what people want and discover
more about the experiences that define their lifestyle. This then helps to inform their
decision making processes on new ventures, directing their actions and making sure the
new communities are built on successful working models. Investing in and managing the
communities they have built up has seen Aldar evolve into so much more than simply a
development company.
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