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Cartier Masse Secrète panther decor
The perfectly-poised panther dashes through the hours, bringing feline
agility to this round watch. Playful and powerful, the hero of the Cartier
Bestiary tames the movement to the beat of its bejewelled oscillations.
In the grand tradition of watchmaking secrets, this ladies’ complication
watch is a true feat of high-tech invention. The oscillating weight of the
watch has been inverted and takes the dramatic form of a panther set with
Cartier complements the functionality of the weight with a stylish House
motif: a three- dimensional panther secretly linked to the calibre, making
the big cat seem to prowl all the way around the inky mother-of-pearl dial.
The panther stealthily patrols the hours one by one within a bezel set with
multiple rows of diamonds.
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