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In place of the more traditional soft top, the incredible
Ferrari 458 Spider is the first mid-engined Ferrari
convertible with a light aluminium simple folding metal
roof which opens and closes in just 14 seconds – well,
everything about this stunning machine is fast! It
elegantly folds in two sections to stow away neatly under
the engine cover. Twin buttresses that reach to flattened
points just over the seats’ head restraints assist the airflow
over the cabin with the roof down. A small glass window
between them can be raised or lowered as required. The
sheltering roll-over effect of the buttress also makes you
feel more protected than in many open top cars which are
a plus as at these speeds you could feel totally exposed.
The high buttresses behind the driver and passenger
shielding you as you travel at speed are just one of many
fabulous features packaged up in one perfect supercar. In
fact, it’s so well conceived that there is even some space for
a couple of custom made suitcases to sit on a shelf behind
the seats to enhance the already fairly significant front
boot capacity. The remarkable interior boasts spectacular
craftsmanship and attention to detail down to the very
last stitch with comfortable cushioned seats for the drive
of your life.
A magnificently awesome feat of engineering and beautiful piece of art, you can
imagine my sheer exhilaration during our recent visit to Abu Dhabi to be given the
opportunity to test drive a Ferrari 458 Spider and believe me when I tell you it is as
thrilling to drive as it is to simply marvel at.