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Intelligent design
Drawing on a huge amount of Formula One expertise
and technology, with engineering as intriguing as it is
intelligent, the MP4-12C is one cool contender. Highly
efficient performance marries beautifully with industry
leading emissions and with first class control grip and
comfort the perfect performance offered by the unrivalled
mechanical grip makes for a super smooth ride. It’s not
good to develop an obsession about weight – unless
of course we’re talking nifty contenders in the sports
car arena. Every element of the MP4-12C has been
meticulously designed and then redesigned in order to
minimise weight as much as possible. With an incredibly
impressive power to weight ratio and an awesome Formula
1 inspired gearbox this versatile speedy sports cars handles
the track as well as it does the road. The new McLaren
MP4-12C is not only the ultimate machine when it
comes to driving enjoyment but with its finely crafted
body work and state-of-the art finishes it is also extremely
aesthetically pleasing. So, when it comes to choosing a
sports car, what sort of technology is important to you?
Hydraulically supported and connected suspension?
Adaptive dampers, a little under 600bhp, 1301kg dry,
carbon tub, optional ceramic brakes, brake assist or twin
turbochargers? What about all of the above? When it
comes to technical highlights the Maclaren MP4-12C
isn’t backward in coming forward.
Extraordinary Output
Before you even set foot inside this magnificent machine
you’ll be blown away by the overall package as the door
releases effortlessly upwards, forwards and outwards. In
the driving seat you benefit from a superb panoramic
forward view and you will experience the sensation of
great space behind you. You’ll feel like a Formula One
Winner with this fantastic supercar with extraordinary
grip, extreme comfort and sensational suspension
that seems to handle any obstacle without jarring.
With separate ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ modes for
suspension and engine/ transmission, you can increase
roll-stiffness. In ‘track’ mode, it steers effortlessly, almost
gliding along as it reaches speeds of up to over 200mph.
Unlike any other sports car, it separates the roles of
ride and roll-stiffness making it incredibly smooth on
a straight, bumpy road. The power train is remarkable
in its strength and ease-of-use. You can opt to separate
the chassis functions from the power train – comfort,
sport and track – to achieve sharp throttle response and
faster gearshifts, with supple suspension. At 600bhp, the
McLaren’s output is extraordinary. Even better, its torque,
or pulling power, stays high from 3,000rpm right up to
7,000. The MP4-12C is very responsive so you can break
late and deep and it changes direction effortlessly. In fact,
it’s so speedy; you’d be forgiven for forgetting it’s a road
Definitive Driving Dynamics
Extremely responsive with its revolutionary gearbox, the
MP4-12C offers the smoothest drive imaginable. So
what’s so good about the gearbox I hear you ask – oh
where to start! A dedicated design team have pulled
out all the stops to deliver an exceptional ‘Seamless
Shift Gearbox’ that has none of the drawbacks – such as
lurching or torque interruption sometimes experienced
with sequential manual gearboxes. This unique seven-
speed dual clutch gearbox allows for near instant gear
changes. The iron brake system is also lighter than the
carbon ceramic alternative and the lightweight 3.81 V8
twin-turbo engine is super powerful.
The DreamMachine
The McLaren will reach 62mph in an astonishing 3.3
seconds, scorch to twice that speed in 9.1 and zoom on
to an outstanding 205mph – if you can handle it! A stop
from 62mph needs just 100ft. Despite its ability to reach
incredible speeds at a breathtaking pace, the MP4-12C
doesn’t guzzle the fuel as you’d expect and it’s an absolute
dream to take to the wheel. Maclaren have come up
trumps with this fabulous high performance supercar
that enables state-of-the-art technology to translate to
superior performance for the ultimate driving experience.
If it’s good enough for two world champions – it’s passed
the Jenson and Lewis test – then it’s good enough for us.
Where do we sign?
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