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Created by some of the greatest architectural minds and developers in the world and
strategically located with access to the main Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway and Abu
Dhabi International Airport, Al Raha Beach – an 11 kilometre glorious beachfront
development – is a gateway to the city. Its masterplan is divided into twelve distinct
communities, each of with their own unique qualities and appeal, Al Raha Beach is one
of the first designated areas where non-UAE nationals can invest in leasehold property
within the Emirate.
Having seen this absolutely awe-inspiring architectural Along the secluded coastline,
the islands are intricately shaped by inlets and canals and linked by bridges to ease
accessibility. Imagine if you will over 10km of vibrant living space bustling will lively
restaurants and cafes overlooking scenic marinas, an energetic setting where 120,000
residents live in fabulous surroundings enjoying picture perfect views across the water. At
the heart of Al Raha Beach, a dynamic business district infiltrates the Abu Dhabi skyline
with striking office towers centred around an outstanding circular marina which provides
the ideal setting for the newWorld Trade Centre building. To put this in context,
Al Raha beach represents the same distance from the southern tip of Manhattan to
Central Park in New York, or from Regent’s Park to the Millennium Dome in London,
yet provides an idyllic community life where transport and safety are intrinsic features
of the well-conceived infrastructure. Residents have the flexibility to live life the way
they want with a choice of communities offering peaceful family villas in tree-lined
waterfront settings to more lively high-class apartments at the heart of exciting districts
with international and boutique retail outlets, fabulous galleries and performance
spaces. A central tree-lined boulevard crosses islands edged with waterfront promenades
and residents can indulge in all manner of marine sports and leisure pursuits. With
an abundance of hotels styled to appeal to all tastes, visitors can also explore the area,
cruising the beautiful bays and enjoying the fresh take on waterfront life. It couldn’t
be easier to get around as we discovered to our delight. It is always Aldar’s intention to
direct developments that make life easier for the inhabitants and easily link communities.
With this philosophy in mind, several types of transport interconnect with each other
at transport hubs and traffic and pedestrians move freely throughout the city. Light rail
allows for quick mass transit throughout the development, along with the fast ‘jet cat’
catamaran and ferries whizzing travellers between quaysides. Water taxis are flexible
enough to serve all parts of Abu Dhabi Island and transport hubs, making connections
to the international airport easy. The well designed transport infrastructure makes
commuting to downtown Abu Dhabi or Dubai simple. As we discovered, it is also an
absolute pleasure to take a short stroll through the district stopping for refreshments at a
charming waterside cafe with breathtaking views. Life in Al Raha Beach offers a relaxed
vibe where residents can take the ferry to the office, island-hop to visit friends in precincts
along the shore and move freely around districts soaking up all that each unique setting
has to offer. These are exciting times for Al Raha Beach and its inhabitants. Since 2010
Al Muneera, Al Zeina and Al Bandar have opened their doors to welcome new tenants
and owners alike.