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As Rami Nasser, Director of Sales and Commercial Leasing at Aldar, surmises;
“Al Zeina offers something for everyone, whether you are a UAE national or an expatriate. Its quality location and
competitive pricing means that it will cater to residents of Abu Dhabi who are renting but looking to buy, those who are
interested in owning a beach development as well as individuals who are looking for a luxury unit in a well-established
community at an affordable price.”
Nestled within the peaceful public squares and sheltered pathways at the eastern edge of Al Raha Beach, Al Zeina
offers one to five bedroom homes featuring 952 apartments, 89 penthouses, 146 villas, some with private courtyards
and pools, and 34 beach villas looking out to Yas Island across the 500m-long private sandy beach. Set apart from the
other precincts in the development due to its unique characteristic of being a self-sustainable community, Al Zeina
allows residents to shop, eat and relax and indulge in leisure pursuits within their contained neighbourhood whilst
also proving the opportunity to connect with the wider development via a canal network with servicedwater taxis.The
precinct currently incorporates private boat moorings, an enticing retail high street with local supermarket and shops,
waterside restaurants and cafes, and a 500-metre public beach with landscaped gardens, luxurious shared gardens and
open spaces, yet Aldar are always striving to improve the facilities for the residents within their communities and an
8,000sqm retail high street is planned to include a supermarket, pharmacy, hair and beauty salons, and furniture and
home ware outlets. Aldar is renowned for its attention to detail which is demonstrated in Al Zeina by the decision
to build the luxury apartments at different heights in order to maximise the breathtaking beachfront views. If you’re
craving a haven where you can unwind, we recommend making the most of the gentle ambience created in the many
cafes and restaurants where al fresco dining is a real treat.
Imagine a striking garden city set on the beach designed for effortless luxury living and you’ve got
some idea of what to expect from Al Zeina, but a visit there is sure to capture your imagination as
it did ours. Located next to the Yas Island Tunnel, Al Zeina is the well-considered gateway to the
new Al Raha Beach Development where the natural appeal of Abu Dhabi is beautifully depicted
by an assortment of formal Arabic gardens, courts and plazas in the tradition of gardens of the
world. Overlooking 500 metres of glistening golden sands, this self-contained community mixed-
use development has been designed to appeal to a range of residential needs.