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Every project that Aldar embark upon is well thought out in terms of what it will mean to the community
it creates and the society beyond. Situated to the east of Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Abu
Dhabi-Dubai highway, Al Falah is testament to this philanthropic philosophy in that it has been developed
in partnership with Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council, as part of a wider government initiative aimed
at providing suitable communities and more social housing for the local population. The delivery of
these housing communities forms a key part of the Government’s commitment to Abu Dhabi’s long term
development which ensures that Nationals have access to quality housing built by reliable, local developers
to the highest standards of quality and with respect to the values of sustainability.
Al Falah community is a master planned development area
which occupies a 12.5 million square metre area and the
new development will provide around 5,000 homes for
middle-income UAE families. Aldar are committed to
bringing communities together in order to create a real sense
of belonging and this is apparent with Al Falah’s ground-
breaking design which encourages community get-togethers
with the creation of several open parks that connect the
residential, commercial and leisure elements. Moving
away from the traditional “grid” approach to community
developments, Al Falah has been intentionally designed as
a practical and sustainable neighbourhood that will provide
extensive community facilities and opportunities for UAE
Al Falah will consist of five villages set within beautifully
landscaped grounds, each with its own community
amenities comprising a village centre, schools, and mosques
and it is hoped that each one will develop its own unique
character. For the ultimate in convenience all shopping
facilities have been purposefully positioned within just a
10 minute walk from all the villas. Each of the five villages
will provide residents with a high quality of life designed
its own landscaped “Village and Neighbourhood Centres’
with parklands and stunning landscape and the 5,000 villas
have been specifically designed for middle income Emirati
families to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle. Designed
around these parks open and spaces, the communities
feature all-encompassing roads and cul-de-sacs, connecting
the residential, commercial and leisure buildings. A short
drive away through the picturesque parkland and we found
ourselves at the town centre. At the heart of the entire
development, the town centre has been created to offer
all the amenities required for modern living. Delivered in
phases, upon completion it will be home to further schools
and kindergartens, a 110-bed healthcare centre, 50,000sqm
of office space, a 200-room hotel and a 65,000sqm shopping
mall, offering the convenience of everything the family
needs in one easily accessible location. It will also contain
civic buildings, a hospital, and a sports and leisure complex.
Fifteen schools throughout the community will provide a
high quality system of education to children through from
the early learning stage to high school. With three, four and
five bedroom homes available, there is a great choice to suit
different circumstances and the contemporary designs also
uphold local and Islamic traditions. It is anticipated that by
the beginning of the New Year, 1,000 villas will have been
completed and the project is making great progress.
With more than 26,000 working on site every day it was
fantastic to be able to visit and witness first-hand the spirit
of cooperation and coordination between all the companies
involved. It was yet more evidence of Aldar’s commitment
to working in harmony with local communities by putting
people before bricks and mortar. The power system for
Al Falah called for a widespread review process from the
utility companies in order to modernise it and, with such
cooperation, that process is now completed. We were
delighted to see that Al Falah is well on track for completion
by early 2012, so before long we will be able to return and
explore the region as part of our A&J adventures.