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Arnie S Hira – CEO & Founder
Jordana Imogen Lynch – Managing Director & Co-Founder
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Manoj S Hira – Director
Editor: Arnie S Hira
Co-Editor: Jordana Imogen Lynch
Creative Director: Lee Isherwood
Simply Abu Dhabi celebrates creativity in all of its contemporary and retrospective manifesta-
tions. Since its inception, Simply Abu Dhabi has grown to become a leading Abu Dhabi, UAE
and Luxury focused publication.
Simply Abu Dhabi has become one of the world’s most-read culture and luxury lifestyle pub-
lications and evolved into a leading authority on all things creative, providing a gateway for
what’s beautiful, inspiring, innovative and original in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and in the world
of luxury.
Although we live in the UK, we will always be Abu Dhabians at heart. We have been fortunate
enough to travel to many parts of the world and experienced some amazing cities but for us
Abu Dhabi is number one!
Abu Dhabi has so much to offer and has a tidal wave of more to come. In this Issue we take you
on a journey to experience what is and what will be with the Amazing Property Developers at
Aldar. We have also featured some noteworthy and totally outstanding restaurants such as Sho
Cho and Teatro whose culinary delights can only be described as magical.
We dance between the contemporary and the classical as Britney Spears and Sir Paul McCart-
ney Rock Abu Dhabi, we party the night away at both the Amber Lounge andThe Chequered
Flag Ball and to top it all off we get behind the scenes of Abu Dhabi’s landmark sporting event;
the fabulous F1 Grand Prix at Yas Marina.
Alongside side the aforementioned, are elements of lifestyle we equally LOVE: the fast and fu-
rious with Ferrari’s 458 Spider and Mclaren’s MP4-12, show stopping jewelry from Mouwad,
absolute must have accessories by TODS, extraordinary timepieces from Audemars Piguet &
Hublot and some marvellous makeup from Giorgio Armani.
There’s lots more inside, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Wishing the World: Peace, Prosperity & Progress in 2012.
Arnie & Jordana.