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These are exciting times indeed as over the coming years,
Aldar Academies will build schools at the heart of Aldar’s
community developments that provide inspirational
learning in a welcoming home from home environment.
Built to international standards and in an ecologically
friendly manner, these schools will provide first-rate
resources and will offer education to all ages from nursery
through to sixth form colleges. In addition to the
academic classrooms, the schools will also incorporate
sports centres and creative arts facilities to tap into the
variety of talents and strengths within the community.
Comprising staff who have overseen large scale school
design and build programmes as well as managers with
vast experience of education in the Middle East, Aldar
Academies have deliberately recruited strong, decisive
people with a proven track record in order to provide
the best possible standards in education and thus release
the potential of the young minds who will play such a
large role in the future of Abu Dhabi. With such strong
leadership, Aldar Academies are fully committed to
enabling all pupils to achieve their full potential. By
supplying outstanding facilities and resources along
with a comprehensive range of course and service, Aldar
Academies will seek to develop motivated, ambitious and
confident learners. They give great credence to the welfare
of their pupils and the wider community and work to
build strong partnerships with the pupils’ parents as well
as tirelessly promoting inclusion and equality. They aim
to achieve this by holding regular school events, sending
newsletters out to parents and the local community
and directing community projects. By setting a positive
framework for learning, Aldar Academies will provide a
broad and balanced educational system within a secure
and stimulating environment. Having invested heavily in
state-of-the-art technology, Aldar Academies will enhance
the learning process, making information more easily
accessible than ever before.
Aiming for excellence, Aldar Academies has meticulously
planned every element of its education infrastructure
within the context of the local environment to create
the highest possible standard of education within a
motivational setting where children are inspired to thrive.
What has particularly struck a chord with us as we have
discovered more about the values of Aldar Academies is
the way they promote a strong sense of identity and pride
within every one of their schools. One of the many things
we have grown to appreciate during our time spent in Abu
Dhabi is the sense of inclusion and in keeping with this
positive ethos it is great to see how much Aldar Academies
value and support the diversity of different cultures
and nationalities within the school community. By
establishing such frameworks within smaller community
settings like schools, it can only have appositive impact
on the wider outside community and therefore help to
reinforce the standards of life that Aldar Properties are
so keenly in favour of. The story so far in terms of the
schools that have been established by Aldar Academies
is the creation of a number of well-equipped schools
offering a British International Curriculum provided by
professional, highly qualified and caring staff. The first
Aldar Academies School –The Peal Primary School –
was set up in 2007 in the centre of Abu Dhabi educating
young minds from Foundation Stage (Kindergarten)
to Year Six. Next came the creation of the Al Yasmina
School which opened in the eastern end of the Al Raha
Gardens villas complex – adjacent to Abu Dhabi Golf
Club – in September 2008 for children aged 3 to 18, with
a capacity of over 2000 students. Under the guidance of
Principal Chris Nourse-Grewal, the Al Muna Primary
School opened its doors in September 2009 based on the
philosophy of a home/school partnership with mutual
understanding and shared goals. In September 2011 the
progressive Al Bateen School opened to provide a quality
education to children from the ages of 11 to 18 with
a view to preparing them for a successful life as global
citizens in a fast-evolving technological world. The new
Al Ain International Primary School also opened its doors
on the site of an existing government school less than
a kilometre from the Hilton Hotel. When the school
closes for summer in June 2012 there are some ambitious
renovations planned that will see it reopen in September
with fantastic new facilities including a full sized football
pitch, swimming pools , computer suites, a theatre and a
sports hall.
Building for a brighter future, prospective developments
will see the creation of more schools for Aldar
communities and Abu Dhabi in general providing
excellent standards of education in keeping with that
on offer in the already established schools. A growing
appreciation of the way in which children learn will see
Aldar Academies continue to provide the best means of
support for learning giving all pupils the opportunity
to develop high levels of accomplishment, fulfil their
potential and ultimately give back to the communities
they are living in. With the relevant teaching materials,
resources and facilities, Aldar Academies will succeed in
their quest to raise education standards throughout the
Emirate and we can’t wait to watch the development of
future generations of children whose enhanced talents and
aptitudes can only have a hugely positive impact on the
prosperity of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.
Due to rapidpopulationgrowth inAbuDhabi, there is a greater demand for highquality education.
To deal with this increased demand in the spring of 2007 Aldar Properties PJSC created Aldar
Academies. Aldar Academies have a very clear aim as set out in their mission statement;
“We aim to place schools at the heart of our communities by establishing high quality sustainable
education provision within stimulating and secure environments.”