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vision for governance and community development.
This is a fantastic reflection of Aldars’ commitment for
building a forward thinking global capital. In October,
Aldar Properties were also thrilled to announce the five
major UAE retail groups, representing a large number
of leading global brands that have committed to Yas
Mall, taking confirmed leasing to over 40%. Landmark
Group, Dubai Holding Group, M.H. Alshaya Co, RSH
(Middle East) LLC and Liwa Trading Enterprises - have
all committed to Yas Mall, taking confirmed leasing to
over 40%. These firms’ leading brands will join Géant
Hypermarket, ACE Hardware IKEA, as advanced
negotiations continue apace with a number of major
regional and international brands.
Mohamed Al Mubarak, Deputy CEO and Chief
Commercial Officer of Aldar, said;
“Yas Mall is set to transform the UAE’s retail experience.
Following our delivery of the IKEA store earlier this year, we are
thrilled to be pushing forward once more in the development of this
exciting superregional mall. The commitment shown to Yas Mall by
some of the UAE’s leading retail groups is a fantastic endorsement
of what we are looking to achieve here.”
Aldar has also unveiled new details about the
development’s unique design that will make Yas Mall one
of the most exciting retail deliveries to hit the UAE. Fred
Douglas, Director of Retail Leasing at Aldar said;
“The design for Yas Mall combines critical commercial success
factors from the world’s best retail destinations to help create a
destination that re-defines the modern shopping centre in the
Middle East.”
With convenience at the forefront of the planning
process, Yas Mall has purposely been designed as a series
of neighbourhoods ideally positioned in the centre of four
parking structures. Visitor access is directly into these four
connected shopping neighbourhoods that form a square
circulation pattern. To create a sense of pedestrian scale,
Aldar will ingeniously recreate the look, feel and detail of
the world’s most exciting shopping streets and civic spaces.
The bustling, energetic Town Square provides a lively
meeting place at the heart of the Yas Mall development.
With a fabulous choice of restaurants, coffee shops and
other communal areas, the Town Square is surrounded
by eye-catching double height stores across two levels.
Yas Mall’s avenues are linked to charming courtyards
where interesting public art displays provide the dual
functionality of bringing the Mall to life and guiding
shoppers. Connected to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi via the
Welcome Pavilion and Cascade Walk and with easy access
to Yas Island and Sheikh Khalifa Highway, as final designs
are agreed with the relevant Authorities Aldar’s team is
working with the Department of Transport to ensure all
traffic and car park designs are correct. With direct road
links to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain and the surrounding
residential communities and dedicated junctions to take
visitors directly to the 10,000 covered car parking spaces,
as well as provision for the mass transit systems planned
for the area, Yas Mall will be one of the most accessible
retail centres in the region. It all looks good to us! With a
blissful blend of dynamic internal and external space, Yas
Mall subtly introduces fountains, lights and music for a
relaxing and truly pleasurable shopping experience. This
fantastic Aldar retail development provides a complete
shopping experience under one roof and as two people
who love to indulge to shop we can’t wait to return to
this major new retail development on Yas Island upon
completion in 2013 to indulge our passion for retail
Fast-paced Fabulous Fun
In their quest to further boost the fortunes of the
nation, Aldar are working on developments to appeal to
every aspect of your senses. So, if you’re in search of an
adrenalin rush, they’ve got that covered with energetic
places bursting with vibrant fun where you’ll truly come
to life. With entertainment facilities to appeal to all ages,
what are you waiting for!
Yas Island Waterpark
When the warm Abu Dhabi sunshine is beating down
what better way to cool off than with a trip to the Yas
Island Waterpark! With over 40 rides on offer – some
believed to be ‘world firsts’ the 16.4 hectares water
park will be the ultimate leisure and pleasure-seeking
destination. Aldar intend to make this facility one of
the most environmentally friendly and sustainable water
parks in the world and in order to achieve this goal,
the buildings have been designed specifically to meet
Estidama guidelines and it is hoped they will significantly
reduce energy and water consumption. Sitting proudly
next to Ferrari World at the centre of Yas Island’s
entertainment complex, the park will hold massive appeal
looking for somewhere to let the kids release some energy,
yet with a focus on intensifying guests’ experience, an
electrifying atmosphere will appeal to all ages.
Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chief Commercial Officer of
Aldar Properties, said;
“This facility will provide a unique entertainment opportunity
for people of all ages, enabling families and individuals alike to
indulge in a thrilling entertainment experience that reflects our
rich maritime culture.”
Steel and concrete works for rides and foundations are on-
going, and aquatic piping is progressing in the Wave River,
Lazy River and Family Wave Pool. Aldar have caused
quite a splash by launching this fun-fuelled waterpark on
Yas Island and it’s not difficult to be swept up in all the
excitement as we’ve discovered when we’ve tested out the
rides at other waterparks for ourselves.
Sami Asad, Chief Operating Officer of Aldar Properties,
“The water park will bring in another distinct feature to Yas Island,
further diversifying its already impressive offering. It will be a
valuable addition to the other attractions that will set Yas Island
apart as a major leisure destination and will reinforce Abu Dhabi’s
position as a great place to live, work and visit.”
We always find fooling around in a waterpark a great
way to let off steam and work up an appetite It is also a
fantastic source of laughter so perfect for socialising with
friends or for corporate days out and we wait with eager
anticipation for the opening of this waterpark next year.
Listening and Learning
Well, it’s been quite some journey – we’ve indulged,
been inspired, excited and motivated and we’ve also
experienced a genuine sense of belonging. What we
quickly came to realise was how Aldar truly listen to and
learn from their customers and the communities they
are involved in. A&J have been truly impressed by their
innate ability to respond to what the people want. By
creating developments that deliver meaningful experiences
for the people living, working and relaxing within them
they help to define the lifestyle that the people of Abu
Dhabi desire.
Aldar has evolved beyond being a pure development
company and take their corporate social responsibility
very seriously. For example in the Arabia CSR
Awards in 2010 Aldar was recognised as the ‘Best
Emerging Company’ 2010 for its CSR programme and
achievements. The Group also actively participated
in the Clean-up UAE event promoted by Emirates
Environmental Group (EEG) and gets involved in
many more social and environmental initiatives. Their
commitment to developing communities that will protect
the environment and its people are apparent in every
development they touch and the future looks incredibly
Building a better future in Abu Dhabi and beyond
Aldar have set out to lead by example and every
development venture they are involved in is designed with
a strong desire to adhere to their self-imposed directive
to become the most credible real estate company in the
region. By fostering positive and lucrative relationships
within the real estate and financial community as well as
with their customers and partners, Aldar will continue
to prove their reliability as they create and promote
progressive developments tailored for specific markets. It
is Aldar’s vision to achieve economic and social growth in
the Emirate through the attraction of inward investment
and controlled expansion into international markets. By
rewarding investors, Aldar hope to create a stable and
profitable outlet where they are able to achieve realistic
returns on their investment and reap long term benefits
from the relationship.
The incredible developments created by Aldar’s
progressive and all-encompassing approach to property
development so far have set the scene for a marvellously
bright and prosperous future – one in which residents and
visitors alike are provided with all the amenities to enjoy a
fabulous lifestyle in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.
Over next decade Abu Dhabi is set to become one of the
great cultural centres of the Middle East and the part
that Aldar will play in this success story should not be
underestimated. Based on what we have witnessed and
learned during our travels, the ‘Amazing Aldar’ is truly
a force to be reckoned with and their positive approach
towards developing communities whilst also preserving
them is hugely refreshing. Aldar are set to make a huge
impact in Abu Dhabi and beyond so watch this space!