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Like nowhere else on earth, this heavenly destination comprises a luxurious resort and spa where visitors
can relax and be pampered in the restful surroundings and a residential wing where luxury living reaches a
whole new standard. As regular visitors to Abu Dhabi, our explorations have taken us to some very special
and magnificent locations providing us with cherished memories, but we have to say that when it comes to
an opulent resort surrounded by stunning natural beauty, you’d have to go a long way to beat the exclusive
experience on offer at Al Gurm. So, now we’ve whetted your appetite, let us tell you a little more.
Imagine waking up to the sound of birds and the captivating sight of sea views. Picture a life where you can
relax over breakfast on your superb roof garden terrace, soak up the sun in your lush green front garden, stroll
on the beautiful white beach or swim in your infinity pool. Imagine all this is available in a perfect natural
hideaway conveniently situated in close proximity to a lively city. This doesn’t have to be an unachievable
dream. We have experienced this lifestyle for ourselves at the exclusive waterfront community of Al Gurm.
Al Gurm comprises a 161-room international luxury hotel, as well as 59 exclusive villas. Its focal point is the
71 private suites around a lagoon and 90 exclusive island chalets. The Al Gurm Resort and Spa also includes
an exclusive world class health and fitness club, spa and a number of premier boutiques. As the Capital City
of the UAE, Abu Dhabi has rapidly become one of the world’s most attractive and cosmopolitan cities so Al
Gurm resort’s location on the Western edge of Abu Dhabi Island with all of its fabulous attractions, gives
additional appeal to this breathtakingly beautiful residential and holiday resort created within a natural
mangrove and sandbar habitat.
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Another world class development brought to you by Aldar Properties – the premier property development,
investment and management company in Abu Dhabi – when you arrive at the breathtaking resort of Al
Gurm it won’t take long to realise you have just stepped into your own little private world of luxury. By
creating a resort that complements the undisturbed landscape rather than dominates it, it is not Aldar’s
intention to attempt to match nature, but to ensure that Al Gurm Resort provides the perfect setting for
visitors to appreciate the stunning location at its most enchanting.