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gardens and its very own beach. Imagine a home with
a private waterfront, boat jetty, bathrooms en suite, an
infinity pool and deck, living quarters for four domestic
staff, smart home technology providing fingertip controls
for lights, temperature and alarms and a three-car garage.
These are just some of the fabulous features on offer to
residents at Al Gurm. Owners of multimillion-dirham
villas such as these demand the very best.
The architectural design has a distinct South East Asian
quality. With wide sloping roofs and tastefully elegant
interiors combining natural stone with rich walnut wood,
there is a definite Aman-esque vibe. Tastefully deluxe
interiors with minimalist open planned designs featuring
all the state-of-the art amenities one could wish for offer
the ultimate in sheer indulgence. With meticulous
attention to detail, every villa boasts a pristine finish with
high quality materials constructed and presented using
the finest workmanship. Each villa has two kitchens with
state-of-the art appliances from the celebrated German
designer and manufacturer Gaggenau. If like us you love
to cook, you’ll be in your element with one kitchen for
everyday family cooking and the second – separate to
the main villa – providing the ideal culinary sanctuary in
which to produce larger meals for entertaining or even to
cater for bigger events.
Delightful private villas offer the ultimate in comfort and
extravagance and have been meticulously designed in a
diversity of styles – displaying elements of both Spanish
and Arabic architecture – all of which blend seamlessly
into their natural habitat, perfectly complementing their
tranquil setting. Aldar have created what they refer to
as a ‘window on nature’. With their spacious open-plan
designs, the large, grand stone clad villas draw the eye to
the serene water and mangrove views.
Island Living
What could be more indulgent than the serene solitude
of your own island base? Accessed by elevated bridges, in
blissful luxury, these stunning Island five bedroom villas
provide fabulous comfort, modern minimalist interiors
and the finest contemporary technology to achieve an
unrivalled standard of lavish living. Each villa is designed
across two floors with deluxe roof terraces providing the
ideal ambience both relaxing quietly and entertaining.
Designed for formal dining and entertaining, these
fabulously opulent Island Villas feature many patios and
balconies with a fantastic interior offering large dining,
living and kitchen accommodation.
The large first-floor master bedroom suites feature
unsurpassed views out across the water that will quite
simply take your breath away. But it’s not just the
sumptuous decor and state-of-the-art appliances that had
us impressed. These deluxe Island Villas offer a whole
new level of luxury which is truly spectacular. Would you
believe, each one comprises not only your own swimming
pool, but (did we mention this earlier?) also a secluded
beach! We feel this is a feature well worth more than one
mention – your own private, personal beach! With a
personal jetty for your boat, you can head out to sea with
a picnic before returning to your own island retreat – now
that’s what the A&J diaries would refer to as ‘living the
Idyllic waterfront haven
Breathtaking views over azure waters that stretch as far as
the eye can see, with the warm sunshine casting a golden
glow over remarkable villas – it could only be Al Gurm.
The villas seem to walk on water and you will certainly
be walking on air after a stay here. This is a lifestyle we
could become very much accustomed to. A waterfront
villa makes for your own little piece of heaven set along
the edges of the reserve and inland waterway. Influenced
significantly by the architecture of South East Asia, with
spacious family dining rooms and living rooms on one
side and fabulous en-suite bedrooms, these three, four and
five bedroom water villas are the perfect place to escape
from the stresses of life and feel your worries ebb away.
The water villas are designed on three levels stepping right
down to the water’s edge with fabulous big lower front
balconies and patios overlooking the water.
Relax in unashamed luxury on divine first floor terrace
facing out across the sparkling waters with its opulent
infinity pool. From the jetty you can indulge your passion
for diving or sailing – does life get more idyllic?
Enrich your life
A sumptuous sanctuary secluded from the stresses of
everyday life, a visit to Al Gurm is truly a life changing
experience. This is no ordinary holiday resort or
residential offering, but rather a place for reflection and
quiet contemplation where you can’t fail to be reminded
of what is important in life. Al Gurm Resort is set to
promote the already massive appeal of this flourishing part
of the world and has been designed to greatly enhance
the lives of those who settle and stay there. It is expected
that the resort will capitalise on the success Abu Dhabi
has achieved in attracting new business and tourism to
the region during a period of unprecedented long term
growth. Aldar has undertaken a diverse portfolio of
development projects in accordance with Abu Dhabi’s
long-term growth agenda as embodied in their 2030
plan. Creating high quality attractive and sustainable
communities, Al Gurm is a very real and beautiful
reflection of their forward-thinking vision;
“The Al Gurm Resort project is something that Aldar
is very proud of. Not only will this stunning residential
development be an icon for Abu Dhabi but it will
significantly add to the emirate’s already expanding tourism
sector through the world-class hotel that be will established,”
said Ahmed Al Sayegh, Chairman at Aldar.
Close enough to the city to benefit from all the amenities,
yet far enough away from the crowds, Al Gurm provides
year-long luxury, perfect for those seeking an exclusive
and peaceful lifestyle that appeals to their individuality
whilst also offering convenient access to Abu Dhabi
with its many and varied attractions. Hopping from
island to island via the walkways and little boats, guests
and residents can enjoy all the facilities of this exclusive
retreat and appreciate the natural beauty of the mangrove
forest with its abundant flora and fauna. Life beside
the mangroves is one in which peace and luxury collides
in blissful harmony. Having experienced that harmony
first-hand, Al Gurm is a little piece of heaven on earth that
comes highly recommended. Well done to the ‘Amazing
Al Gurm
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