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HealthPlus is UEMedical’s expanding network of first-class outpatient centres across
Abu Dhabi which is expected to expand to over 20 facilities over the next few years.
With well-equipped ‘Centres of Excellence’ specialising in a number of disciplines and
with many conveniently located Family Health Centres, UEMedical are striving to
provide exceptional levels of patient care situated conveniently located close to where
people live and work. Each centre will actively promote community health awareness
and education as well as supporting national screening, prevention and early detection
programs. Electronically linked via an ingenious health information management
system with electronic medical records and Picture Archiving & Communication System
(PACS) for totally film-less medical imaging, the centres will not only ensure that patient
information is instantly available instantly but will also improve communication among
caregivers in order to provide a much higher standard of all-round care.
HealthPlus Women’s Health Centre
UEMedical has evolved significantly over the past year most notably with the launch
of its first healthcare facility – HealthPlus Women’s Health Centre – the first clinic to
open in the HealthPlus network of 20 premium outpatient health centres, and Abu
Dhabi’s only dedicated Centre of Excellence in Women’s Health. An oasis of wellness
for women, HealthPlus Women’s Health Centre (WHC) is an exciting regional
development in terms of women- centric care. Within this safe and serene sanctuary
women are afforded undivided attention focused on all aspects of their health and well-
being, with all the facilities and specialised care and services you could wish for. Created
to respond to the unique and evolving medical needs of women of all ages, the competent
healthcare team pledges to provide a fresh approach to women’s healthcare in the capital.
As Mr Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, MD & CEO of UEMedical explained;
“The official opening of HealthPlus Women’s Health Centre is an exciting new
development for regional women-centric care, Empowering women to manage their
health and providing them with integrated health services across their life span leads us
one step closer to ensuring that healthcare standards are significantly raised.”
The centre will work to reach the community and change perceptions surrounding
women’s health in the UAE by promoting health awareness and providing education as
well as offering regular screening. Mr Majd Zant, Chief Executive Officer of HealthPlus
hopes it will address the shortage of sub-specialty services for women in Abu Dhabi and
it is hoped to help women – and thorough them, their families – to live longer healthier
lives. With areas of expertise ranging from general obstetrics and gynecology, maternal-
fetal medicine, fertility and advanced reproductive medicine, minimally invasive surgery
and urogynecology, the physicians and clinical specialists at WHC are fully qualified to
provide excellent gender-based consultative services and advice. As a distinct ‘Centre of
Excellence in Women’s Health &Wellness’, the centre provides invaluable support to all
women facing complex medical and gynecological problems and offers a comprehensive
range of services dedicated to women from early adulthood into their elderly years
designed to improve their overall health. As testament to the fantastic service provided it
is the first private medical centre to achieve JCI Accreditation in Abu Dhabi.
Luxe Wellness Centre
UEMedical has recently signed a letter of intent with Parkway of Singapore to bring the
first premium ‘one-stop’ medical and health screening facility dedicated exclusively for
women providing a private, comfortable and welcoming environment where ladies are
served exclusively by ladies. With growing concern regarding the increasing strains of
chronic and other non-communicable diseases in the Emirate, the Luxe Wellness Centre
is a welcome addition to the comprehensives healthcare provision offered by UEM. The
centre will specialise in diagnostic screening including ultrasounds, mammograms, bone
densitometry, stress tests, and specialist physicians and will also provide an intricate
aesthetics program. Mr Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa is delighted to be working once again
in collaboration with Parkway following on from the Danat venture;
“We strongly believe in providing the highest quality healthcare and screening facilities for the female
community in the UAE and hope to help women understand that by investing in preventative health
they can enjoy healthier and more productive lives. Our focus on women’s wellness is one of its kind here
in the UAE and we are proud to be pioneers in this endeavour”.
With health screening undertaken within luxurious settings, surrounded by relaxing
music, an ambient scent and designer furniture will feature to make for a more
comfortable environment that will put women as ease rather than feeling as though
they’re at a stark clinical facility. Women are sure to appreciate the attention given to the
finer details and the sensitive range of services on offer when the centre opens in January
Fertility and Genetics Centre
No one should under-estimate the level of emotional turmoil that couples can experience
when they struggle to conceive. The gift of life should never be taken for granted which
is why the Fertility and Genetics Centre will truly change lives. Helping families and
offering a higher standard of care to couples, the centre will provide the sensitive advice
and services to people experiencing the emotional stress encountered when it proves
difficult to start or expand a family unit. Future plans include the finest sub-specialty
centre – the innovative IVF Centre – which will deliver one of the most sophisticated
genetic laboratories in the UAE and will be the first free-standing fertility facility in Abu
Dhabi, providing administration of general anesthesia in its modern private operating
rooms. With the invaluable gift of helping to create new lives, UEMedical is also firmly
committed to providing the best possible healthcare provision throughout those lives.
HealthPlus Family Clinic
What could be more precious in life than family? Located in the stunning island
development of Al Bandar, set around a world class marina within Al Raha Beach in
the greater Abu Dhabi area, the HealthPlus family clinic recognises the importance of
providing continuous, comprehensive, personal care through every stage of life. As the
old adage goes; ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and with this philosophy firmly in mind,
the dedicated team of staff at the HealthPlus Family Clinic deal with all those day-to-day
medical concerns and provide routine medical care along with support and advice on
the best ways to keep the family fit, healthy and active. From newborn check-ups and
basic treatments for fevers, colds and ailments the wide ranging medical and dental care
on offer is positively reinforcing physician-patient relationships for the greater good of
society. As the only healthcare project conveniently located in that area, the Boutique
HealthPlus Family Clinic ensures that world-class patient care is kept close to where
people live and work so it is easily accessible. Therefore, everyone can benefit from the
medical services available which include family medicine, pediatrics and children’s health,
family and cosmetic dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, lab and radiology services, men
and women’s wellness exams, urgent care, much-needed 24 hour physician access and
house calls and even executive and VIP programs – now that’s a pretty comprehensive
list! Combining medical backgrounds across the board with specialist training in caring
for the entire family, the dedicated team of physicians provide priceless one-stop primary
care to families and individuals of all ages.
Premier Healthcare available to all
United Eastern Medical have set out to become recognised as one of the premier
healthcare development and investment companies in the region and have already made
great inroads to achieving that ambition. Leaders within the healthcare industry, when
you see what UEMedical have achieved in this last year alone, it is clear that they are
attaining their ambitious self-imposed goal to provide world-class, evidence based and
patient-cantered care. UEM have the experience, network of expertise and financial
backing to take a leading role in a complex and challenging healthcare environment,
aiming to differentiate themselves on the basis of medical excellence, innovation and
an unrivalled level of customer service. With projects that have seen them put in place
best-in-class healthcare management and healthcare support services, UEMedical are
already significantly improving the health of the citizens of the UAE and they’ve only just
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