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The American star kicked off the three nights of Yasalam
live performances on Yas Island with a variation of her
Femme Fatal Tour. Supported by Australian act Nervo,
this, her seventh tour has been promoted as ‘the comeback
one’ following some turbulent times in her personal life
over recent years. No-one in the arena was bothered by
the past press speculation however. We were all here for
one thing – to enjoy a fabulous show put on by a hugely
talented star. An expectant crowd of thousands of Britney
fans, including us, were treated to a spectacular pop
extravaganza in Abu Dhabi as the US superstar Britney
Spears put on an upbeat, energetic show in which she
barely seemed to catch her breath for a second. This was
no ordinary concert. We weren’t here simply to watch
Britney stand and sing or even sing and dance. Oh no,
we were here to be treated to a full-on show and what a
show it was. Along with the rest of the enthused crowd,
we were treated to fun, vibrant performances showcasing
Britney’s unique superstar quality. Britney opened the
show with the electro-pop hit ‘Hold it Against Me’, the
first single from her seventh studio album, ‘Femme Fatale’.
With the crowd already livened up and moving, Britney
shouted; “What’s up Abu Dhabi. Check this out. This
is how I roll,” before launching into a booming rendition
of ‘Big Fat Bass’, a song written and produced by
of the Black Eyed Peas for the Femme Fatale album. The
beautiful resonating ballads showcased the unique, almost
baby-like voice that saw Britney rise to success in all its
tremendous pop glory and the energetic upbeat dance
numbers including ‘Toxic’ and ‘Womaniser’ had everyone
dancing. She also performed her debut single ‘Baby One
More Time’ which couldn’t fail to strike a chord with
those of us who have followed her since she was a teen
Sensational Stage Extravaganza
As VIP guests at the show we benefitted from with a
premier view of the action unfolding on stage and the
evening was enthralling and thoroughly entertaining from
start to finish with everyone up on their feet, singing and
dancing along with gusto. In fact, at one point, Britney
even had several fans from the crowd up dancing with
her on stage and boy, were they delighted! In a fabulous
stage extravaganza with a difference, ‘subtle’ is not a
word that could be used for the lavish action featuring a
pink Mini Cooper convertible driving onto the stage, an
elaborate dragon boat complete with wings and oarsmen
and a huge sky box with angle wings – it’s certainly eye-
catching! Taking to the stage in a reflective, sleeveless
outfit with her trademark blonde hair and enviable figure
this pop princess went through several attention-grabbing
costume changes throughout the show. It wasn’t just the
extraordinary outfits that captured the attention of the
crowd. In a dazzlingly choreographed showcase, every
set change seemed to be more fabulous and ambitious
than the one before. A pink, fluffy basque-style leotard
complemented the pink Mini Cooper, which also boasted
a dancing pole.
Big Thanks to Brit
The grand finale of ‘Till the World’s End’ was, for us at
least, the absolutely defining moment of an extravagant
evening of non-stop entertainment. Describing it now
just can’t do justice to the dramatic vision of Britney
on a podium ascending into the night’s sky while huge
angel wings emerged across an impressive backdrop
of descending white pyrotechnics – stunning! The
stage design, the sets. The dazzling costumes and the
extravagantly-choreographed routines made for a
sensational evening that will go down in the A&J diaries
as an experience where we truly felt like VIPs from start to
finish. A huge thank you to Britney Spears, her entourage
and all the crew at the Formula 1 arena for treating us to a
wonderful night to remember.
How it all began for Britney
Britney Spears seemed to become an overnight ‘pop
phenomenon’ but has actually been in the show business
arena much longer than most people realise. Born to
parents Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears, on 2 December
1981, Britney is the second three children with an elder
brother, Bryan and younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.
From an early age, Britney demonstrated a definite
inclination towards performance. With Madonna,
Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston amongst her idols,
the young Britney was forever singing and emulating her
favourite stars. During her childhood, Britney undertook
regular dance and vocal lessons and performing in many
This inspirational artist, who had teenage girls all over the world singing
into hairbrushes, holds appeal for all ages and we were delighted to be
invited to Abu Dhabi as VIP guests. As if the excitement of the Formula
1 Grand Prix wasn’t already thrilling enough, now we had the opportunity
of spending an incredible evening in the presence of the ultimate showgirl
– Britney Spears. While Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were the stars
of the adrenalin-fuelled action on the track, it was pop icon Britney Spears
who set pulses racing at the first night of Abu Dhabi’s sensational F1 arena
shows on November 12 2011 and what an opener it was!