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For centuries the world’s royalties and plutocrats have been enjoying a different level of luxury. A
near unachievable standard tailor made to suit their desires and infatuations. Be it palaces, castles
or gardens, carriages stables or chandeliers, each item had a name and it was that of its owners.
Royals have never been strangers to personalised luxury.
However, for a few years now, the ultra luxury market has
seen a growing trend in the demand for personalisation
programmes. Many individualisation schemes are being
adopted by a great number of luxury manufacturers in
order to better suit the specific demands of their wealthy
and discerning clients. Helping those with particular taste
and demands achieve their desires in the vast seas of mass
Trends in the stratosphere of individualisation are
sporadic, as the process itself is the trend. Every individual
that demands custom work has his own ideas and tastes,
some might ask for something as simple and personal as a
family crest, others might want the colours and materials
to be identical to what they have in their home or office.
Individualisation studios in charge of coordinating these
individual tastes are becoming more and more adaptive to
the most eccentric of requests, resulting in some exquisite
pieces of contemporary design.
Personalisation programs in the upper realms of the
luxury market vary from yachts to private jets, homes
and what is parked in the garage. The latter subject has
recently found a spike in the diversity of the customisation
programs available.
One of the pioneers in this department is Rolls-Royce
Motor Cars; the luxury automotive manufacturer has
been at the forefront of the customisation business for
over a century. In the early days, the Rolls-Royce Motor
Cars used to be delivered to buyers with custom coach
built body work to suit the vehicle’s purpose and its
client’s affinities towards luxury and refinement. However,
the trend in individualising vehicle body work is a thing
of the past that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars persevered with
through the Bespoke programme.
Bespoke, as its name implies, is a service offered to Rolls-
Royce Motor Cars buyers by which they have the choice
to custom order their vehicles with an almost limitless
array of features and materials; Thus creating a one of a
kind vehicle that reflects its owner’s persona and exquisite
The Bespoke programme has the highest global uptake
from the Middle East, a region where individuality
and luxury are mutually inclusive concepts. In 2011
every Rolls-Royce Phantom sold in the region was a
Bespoke model, so was more than half of the Ghost
model range. In fact, the region has such articulated and
outstanding levels of luxury and refinement that it has
made a profound impact on how Rolls-Royce’s craftsmen
approach design.