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When it comes to the process of design, every Bespoke
journey is personal; trends are largely as diverse as the
customers themselves. Desire is a cornerstone of the
relationship between Rolls-Royce and the owner; this is
why designers spend considerable amounts of time with
each individual client to discover what they really want
from the finished products. Together they define the
aesthetics of the vehicle both inside and out.
From the outside, the overall design of the car is
dictated by Rolls-Royce’s stately design but the colour
and decorative trim are only limited to a customer’s
imagination. Over 40,000 shades can be achieved by the
Bespoke programme and that’s only the exterior.
Once inside, the palette of colour choices is as diverse
but complemented by an almost infinite choice of wood
veneers and other exquisite material. Mother of pearl
inlays on the dashboard and ancillaries, camel skin for
the rugs or seats, marine wood similar to what the client
might have on his/her very own yacht or private jet. Gold
or platinum inserts, almost anything a customer desires
can be achieved by Rolls-Royce’s craftsmen at the state of
art Goodwood factory Bespoke shop; Where the finished
design will be seamlessly weaved into the functionality of
the vehicle reflecting the owner’s personal sense of artistry.
In the past, Rolls Royce’s Bespoke team has worked on
very personal projects, guiding customers through the
process of incorporating not just taste but also capturing
heritage into their Phantom. Weaving a nostalgic
memory of a grandfather’s tale of pearl diving in his 1920s
childhood told in a 1960s autumn countryside. This
setting will find its way to today’s family picnic starting on
a Bespoke silk rug with a picnic basket reflecting the spirit
from these early times. Bespoke is not just limited to the
car itself either, it also goes a long way to satiate desires
for luggage sets and other items that are related to the
Phantom and the trips it will take its passengers on.
In 2011, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars developed a special
Phantom collection exclusively for the Middle East with
six individual cars. This particular Bespoke Collection
drew heavily from the colours of the region. The beautiful
warm sunsets and vast sand dunes inspired a finish of
Arizona Sun as an element of a top two-tone finish. Hand
knotted silk rugs finished in a geometric pattern sitting
atop Moccasin carpet with an iconic silver inlay dhow sail
design to the door cappings and fascia panel.
Another recent, dramatic example of a special Bespoke
model is ‘Arabesque’. Commissioned especially for The
Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London; this special
Phantom Drophead Coupé is the automotive expression
of the school’s mission which is to keep the traditional
arts of all the world’s great cultures alive and provide them
with a modern day relevance.
Currently, the Bespoke programme has welcomed the
Ghost into its studios which received exclusive attention
as opposed to the Phantom model, in order to preserve
the dynamic model’s recent engineering innovations.
Design and personification remain high on the agenda,
but the Bespoke options are tailored to both encapsulate
the Ghost’s main dynamic attributes with the owners
Above all, the only element which can highlight and
marry the artistry and individuality of any Bespoke
project is refinement. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars offers
its Bespoke customers with the highest Quality of
automotive precision and engineering integrity in the
industry today. However, when it comes to the way it’s
designed; the choice is as ever, yours.
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