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Are the Coaching Clinics available to everyone?
With me playing in the Premier League and having 15 years experience in England, playing
over 500 games, I hope I'm taking away elitism, bringing in participation, and making sure
that girls and boys are being active. A recent report highlighted that 17% of Australian
children between 5 and 17 years old were overweight and almost 8% were obese. We need to
work on these problems and encourage a more active lifestyle. Therefore, our clinics provide
an enjoyable means for kids to improve their talent whilst keeping generally fit and healthy.
By aiming our clinics at both boys and girls from as early as five years old, we hope to improve
their fundamental movement skills and uphold the healthy way of life that has helped
establish our nation’s identity and strong international sporting reputation. All the coaching
is tailored to the specific age group to ensure the children get the most from their sessions.
You’re clearly very excited about the clinics.
Absolutely. It’s a passion for me and I’m enjoying passing that passion on. I have played
football for as long as I can remember and I recall playing as a youngster with my dad, older
brother Sean, and younger brother Chris in the local parks in Sydney, where I was born and
raised. I can remember it getting a bit tasty between us boys and I think it was my dad’s way
of installing a work ethic and competitive streak in all of us. At the time I didn’t really
appreciate it as all I wanted to do at a young age was have fun but, looking back, those early
days of getting stuck into my brothers set the tone for my future. It is the philosophy of our
clinics that the kids have fun while playing soccer so we can nurture talent in a positive
environment. By doing this, we build up the confidence of the children and as a result they
develop their talent sometimes without even realising. We often see an improvement in as
little as three days.
David Moyes has called you ‘one of the best things to happen to Everton in the past decade.
High praise indeed.
I am fortunate enough to be part of a great team at Everton and David Moyes has done a great
job in instilling a sense of togetherness within the squad. I've learnt at Everton that yes, you
can be up against it, but we can only do it together, and by sticking together. I believe attitude
is the most important thing a footballer can have. It goes a long way; it's what I always say to
children. It goes such a long way - the attitude, making sure you are respectful. Have the right
attitude, then the football looks after itself. I think anybody who has watched me play over
the years will agree that I’m not known for shirking too many tackles, even if it does
occasionally land me in a bit of hot water with the referees!
What would you say to a youngster wanting to pursue their football dream?
You have to go for it. If you are determined enough you can make things happen. I came over
to England with nothing, started low and worked my way up, and if I've learnt anything, it is
you need to work hard at everything you do. I am fortunate to have an extremely supportive
family. My parents ended up borrowing the money to get me over to London for the trial
after I had continued my football education with three more clubs: Melmore Hercules,
Sydney Olympic and Sydney United. It was a massive thing for my parents to send me to
England and a huge decision; they didn’t have a lot of cash and I will never forget the
sacrifices they made for me to further my career and enable me to follow my dreams.
Great Game Tim
A&J would like to congratulate Tim on the arrival of his Son and wish the Cahill family
peace, prosperity & progress. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Tim Cahill
and will be following his future career with interest. We wish him all the best with his
motivational Coaching Clinics which look set to become a huge success.
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