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For South African fine art architectural photographer Dennis Guichard, simplicity and an endless
quest for perfection is key to success. As one of the world’s most prominent fine art architectural
photographers Dennis travels and shoots worldwide for an exclusive network of international
A-List clients including some of the most prominent architects, engineers and property developers
on the global stage.
His imagery has been published extensively all over the
world by numerous clients in a multitude of formats. An
exclusive 220-page limited-edition boxed hard-cover book
(Yas Island - Race to the Finish) featuring much of his Yas
Marina project imagery was printed by Aldar Properties
for distribution to VIP’s, Heads of State, Royal Family
and race teams at the inaugural 2009 Etihad Airways Abu
Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix and his images have also
appeared in print and on billboards all over Abu Dhabi
for Aldar Properties recent ‘Hoyamal’ campaign.
His work has been featured worldwide in and on the
covers of numerous magazines including ‘Emirates
Construction’, ‘Middle East Architect’, the ‘National
Newspaper’ and ‘Abu Dhabi Week’ magazines in the
UAE; ‘Your Baby’, ‘VISI’ and ‘PIX’ photography
magazine in South Africa; ‘STERN’ magazine in
Germany; and ‘Architectural Record’ in the USA
(the official magazine of the ‘American Institute of
Architects’), and now, as you can see the most beautiful
publication of all; Simply Abu Dhabi.
As one of only two authorised fine art photographers
in the world he was a contributing artist to the FIFA-
endorsed ‘2010 Fine Art’ collection in South Africa - his
thirty iconic ‘Stadium Collection’ images of the ten
various stadia are endorsed as limited edition ‘Official
Licensed Products’ of the 2010 FIFAWorld CupTM in
South Africa. His ‘limited-edition’ prints remain highly
sought after by investment art collectors worldwide with
only a single rare signed set of his Stadium Collection
‘artist proofs’ ever having being produced.
Now based in Durban, South Africa, Dennis previously
lived and worked in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab
Emirates, a period of his life which he treasures deeply
for the opportunity it gave to network and expand his
portfolio photographing some of the most sensational
architecture on earth.
“Abu Dhabi holds a very special place in my heart thanks
to the warmth and generosity of its people and the many
true friends I have made, as well as for the spectacular
nature of all the architectural projects that are being
developed here. Abu Dhabi is a utopia for architects and
engineers; the most sensational architecture on earth is to
be found here on a scale unlike anywhere else in the world
and one cannot help but get very excited indeed at every
opportunity you get to photograph here. The play of light,
heat and dust in the Middle East is simply sensational and
just perfect for producing the most exquisite high-impact
and fine art imagery.”
For Dennis, photography is about stripping away
unnecessary elements in an image and using powerful
plays on light to identify key architectural traits in a
structure. With a long-standing background directly in
architecture and mega-project design management, he
explains: ‘buildings all have personality, they have life
and soul and if you spend the time patiently interacting
with them you will ultimately find the key indentifying
elements that give them their uniqueness.’
With over 20 years’ post-graduate experience Dennis has
worked for and with some of the world’s foremost clients
in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and in
the United Arab Emirates, many of whom today remain
loyal collectors of his limited-edition fine art architectural
and construction photography prints, also awarding him
repeat commissions and the wonderful opportunity to
‘My experience of working alongside many of the
industry’s foremost design leaders taught me to see and
appreciate exquisiteness in the world and understand how
exacting a process it can be to produce beautiful products
at the very top end of the scale that will satisfy the most
demanding of clients.’
Whether it is for the most exclusive West London,
Abu Dhabi or Cape Town homes, the halls of foreign
embassies, Heads of State or the world’s foremost
executive boardrooms, Dennis’s fine art prints are certain
to have a place to call home.
“My driving ambition remains to photograph and
document the construction development of the four
museum projects on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi; a
dream opportunity that would perhaps perfectly align
my unique style of high-impact and fine art architectural
photography, shooting the most spectacular and
prestigious fine art museum projects on earth, with Abu
Dhabi’s aspirations to inevitably become the fine art
capital of the world. It would certainly be the defining
pinnacle of any fine art architectural photographer’s
Dennis is available for architectural photography
commissions worldwide. You can contact him and follow
his work through the following sources:
Facebook: Dennis Guichard
Linkedin: Dennis Guichard
Twitter: @dennisguichard