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A dream drove Viggo Olsson’s life during the latter part of the 1900´s. A dream
to offer perfect handmade and custom designed rifles to hunters worldwide.
Intense sensitivity for beautifully crafted things and a burning, life-long interest
in guns laid the groundwork for VO Vapen, a family owned company that Viggo
launched in 1977. He started to realise his dream with a small workshop on the
backyard of his house and gradually could build and design his first rifle. In the
late 1980s, Viggo’s son Ulf wanted to join his father’s dream. Side-by-side, with
the same ideals and visions, they planned the company’s future. Under his father’s
guidance Ulf learned how to use the tools of the trade.
Father and son still work together. With carefully selected staff the team always enjoy new
challenges. The production is limited and enables new dimensions for discriminating clients -
people looking for something beyond ordinary. Top discretion and anonymity are givens when
you choose to realise your dream of a unique, world-class, handmade rifle.
VO Vapen delivers exclusive collections, limited editions and tailor-made one of one rifles to
satisfy demanding clients all over the world.
The Products
All VO Vapen rifles are built of the best materials available in the world today entirely by hand.
The rifles are based on the company’s own unique, world renown and patented take down system,
which allows the owner to use several different calibers to the same handmade rifle.
The rifles are founded on the well tested, reliable, durable and beautiful 1900 mechanism,
developed and produced under the guidance of Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson.
The stock is made of the best European walnut root available, carefully chosen by hand and slowly
air dried for at least four years.
The rifles are appreciated and famous for their shooting comfort and accuracy - a result of the
design of rifle stock and barrels, developed by the company.