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On arrival at this exclusive classic grill and lounge we were welcomed by the friendly staff
and immediately impressed by the stylish decor. Black wooden floors, high-backed black
leather armchairs and low level ambient lighting create a tastefully and modern laid back
vibe. Inspired by the address of the original St Regis in New York the high ceilinged
intimate restaurant with its tall windows features an impressive winding staircase which
leads to an ornate private dining area bordered by bottles, which accommodates up to 16
diners. With no more than ten tables for diners, our evening was incredibly serene – an
exclusive and very special dining experience that was a genuine treat to indulge all the
With just the two of us dining, we were seated in one of the three discreetly cosy alcoves
(each one as its own tastefully extravagant chandelier) and presented with refreshing
scented towels and imaginatively inspirational menus. With an obvious focus on the sheer
quality of cuisine rather than choice of dishes, we were given an enthusiastic efficiently
concise guide to the selection of steaks and joints available. After careful consideration
– such decisions should not be rushed – and on our waiter’s recommendation, we both
opted for the irresistibly described Blackmore Farms wagyu strip loin. With meticulous
attention to presentation we started with divinely tender sea scallops served with
delicious potato risotto and vegetables cooked to perfection. After a stunning start to
our culinary experience, the subsequent main course was a real delight to the taste buds.
We were certainly glad we’d taken our waiter’s friendly advice on board. Grilled with
flawless precision the rich tender Wagyu strip loin with its buttery quality to the meat was
exemplary. It simply melted in the mouth with the exquisite juices perfectly accompanied
by the subtly garlic enhanced truffle hollandaise sauce. Even the French fries served with
it were exceptional, but then it was obvious that the chef ensures every single element of
the food is just right and served with creative flair. In fact, we finished the evening with
nothing but the highest of praise for the whole team at the 55th and 5th Grill. The right
level of attentiveness was afforded us with polite and warm sincerity through the evening.
Jordana and I were able to relax and chat without being intruded on, yet we didn’t have
to chase the staff once. They were on hand to serve us whenever we so needed and quick
to step in if our drinks needed replenishing. The food was delicious, our surroundings
luxurious comfortable and the entire evening a real delight.
Alexander Lahmer, Executive Assistance Manager, has asserted;
“At St. Regis it is all about the experience. Much thought and time has gone into developing these food
and beverage concepts to ensure that visitors and residents alike have beautiful venues coupled with
authentic cuisine”.
Based on our dining experience, they are certainly hitting the mark. There are steakhouses
and then there’s the 55th and 5th Grill – something else entirely. Having indulged our
pleasure for fine food during a spectacularly intimate dining experience, we would highly
recommend this stunning venue. The restaurant features a private dining room, an
exclusive cellar, complete with Jazz music and cigars. For an even more unique experience,
this venue also boasts a chef ’s table. A food lover’s paradise, the stunning steaks, authentic
cuisine, bespoke service and unrivalled atmosphere all make for a highly pleasurable
evening and for us it was the absolute perfect ending to a perfect stay.
Thank You St Regis for a Truly Traditional Treat
This enchanting and magnificent hotel is certain to provide a real boost to travel and
tourism on the already rapidly expanding Saadiyat Island and we feel privileged to count
ourselves amongst the first guests through its opulent doors. Our stay in this much-coveted
luxury location was an absolute delight and a sheer indulgement from start to finish. From
our luxurious suite, to the natural beauty on our doorstep and beyond, from the blissfully
delicious meals at the exclusive restaurants to the personal and traditional service provided
by our Butler, we revelled in every second of the superlative St Regis experience.
A&J would like to thank all the management and staff at the St Regis Hotel and Resort
for their fabulously uncompromising care and courtesy throughout our visit. No request
was too much trouble, no enquiry too demanding. We look forward to taking advantage
of your exceptional first-class hospitality and tremendous traditional service again in the
future. We’ll be back!