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Dr Jamal Ali Sanad Al Suwaidi (UAE)
Born in 1959, Dr Jamal Ali Sanad Al Suwaidi has, throughout his career, made invaluable
contributions in the field of academic and cultural development at both local and
regional levels, enriching many lives through his work. Having studied for his PhD in
political science at the University of Wisconsin in the USA, he returned to Abu Dhabi
in 1991 and it was during his role as a professor of political science at UAE University
that he further fostered his passion in the early studies of the political and economic
development of the UAE. With a keen interest in the areas challenging the local and
Arab world, he has aimed to deal with such matters in his articles.
By assisting significantly in the establishment of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies
and Research (ECSSR) in 1994, Dr Al Suwaidi has helped to raise Abu Dhabi’s regional
and global levels profile. With his enthusiasm and innate talents he has also helped to
instil a culture of research and academic study in the emirate.
Dr. Al Suwaidi has also made great strides in building notable partnerships resulting
in many key positions with institutions including the Emirates Institute of Diplomacy
and Zayed University. To name a few, he is a member of the advisory board of the
Faculty of Policy and International Affairs at the University of Maine, USA, as well as
a member of the UAE Platform of Friendship, and the Swiss-Arab House. He has been
particularly significant in helping to encourage a stronger bond between the UAE and
France building mutual respect between the countries. As a result of this commitment,
the Abu Dhabi Awards are not the first occasion his efforts have been praised. He was
bestowed the French Order of Merit of The First Degree in recognition of excellent work
developing UAE’s international relationships.
Sultan Rashed Al Dhaheri (UAE)
Sultan Al Dhaheri, who recently announced a US$1 million donation to the Masdar
Institute, was acknowledged by the Abu Dhabi Awards for his philanthropy. Following
the fine example set by, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sultan Rashed Al Dhaheri
has devoted his life to helping those less fortunate than himself through a series of kind
acts and the provision of better education for the poor. Born in Al Ain in 1932 he has
demonstrated a remarkable instinct to supporting the nation’s youngsters through better
educational facilities in order that they are able to pursue their dreams and contribute
useful skills to their country. This work has been driven by his own belief that he should
give back to the country where he has been raised and educated. His outstanding
charitable work has seen him support education initiatives throughout the Emirate and
beyond. An advocate for scholarship, Mr Al Dhaheri, an FNC member for Abu Dhabi,
pays school and university fees for deserving students and last year made a Dh10 million
endowment to Zayed University for appointing a chair in Islamic finance. Providing
much-needed annual financial support to numerous students, funding their tuition
is incredibly selfless, yet many people are unaware of tireless efforts to improve the
education and lives of young people. That is why it is so fantastic that his work has been
recognised by the Abu Dhabi Awards.
Celebrating many achievements his well-deserved award reflects his commitment to
supporting orphans, the construction of Mosques and his significant involvement in
the establishment of a professorship for Islamic Finance at Zayed University in Abu
Dhabi. This altruistic man has also generously donated one million US dollars towards
the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program, an outreach program organised by
Masdar Institute. His financial backing and personal support will enable young leaders
to gain much-needed workplace skills, leadership qualities, benefitting from professional
Sultan’s inspirational educational initiatives are not confined to the UAE. He has also
put great time and effort into supporting education opportunities overseas. He played
an instrumental role in the construction of the Azhari Institute in Mokattam and
Wadi Natrun in Egypt – each providing sound education for up to 1,200 students. His
passionate commitment to ensuring education for all has seen him support projects
in India, Africa, Jordan and Syria. There is no stopping Sultan, so the Abu Dhabi
Awards simply wanted to show the world’s gratitude for his incredible contributions to
Dr Taisser Atrak (USA)
Dr. Taisser was educated in the USA where he also trained as a doctor. This inspirational
man relocated to Abu Dhabi three years ago. In his present role as the Director of
the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Al Mafraq Hospital Dr. Atrak is highly respected
throughout Abu Dhabi. In his chosen field of expertise – Medicine – he has made an
invaluable difference to the lives of many children. Indeed his concern for children’s
welfare and safety extends far beyond taking an interest in those youngsters who attend
his medical practice.
Devoting much of his personal time to campaigns that mean a lot to him, he has
overseen some successful initiatives that have improved safety standards. His campaign
for the safety of children in traffic, at home and at school, has operated successfully
since its inception in 2008, providing participants with training for basic first aid
(PedFACTS), CPR for families an understanding of child car safety. Promoting safety
regulations for children, particularly in vehicles, he launched the Buckle Up campaign
to stress the importance of using child safety seats, which may seem obvious, but by this
involvement in spreading awareness, many young lives have been saved. His first aid and
safety training has helped over 100 nannies and maids in Abu Dhabi, giving them free
access to the necessary books and study materials. In 2008 he also helped introduce a
number of child safety health initiatives such as the head cooling system for newborns
and the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention.
In an altruistic manner that the Abu Dhabi Awards hope to promote throughout
the nation, he personally funds the training of caregivers of children such as parents,
teachers, nannies and bus drivers on child safety – including first aid. Many parents,
school teachers, nannies and school bus drivers have taken advantage of his wealth of
experience, advice and training, as in a bid to make welfare information accessible to
everyone, individuals can attend his lectures and educational workshops free of charge.
With his support, many families have benefitted from Dr. Taisser’s campaigns, which
have helped to save the lives of children when unexpected incidents require a rapid first
aid response. Working tirelessly to improve the knowledge of and increase awareness of
safety systems, his professional efforts combined with a personal passion to help children
have been instrumental in the protection of thousands of children across the Emirate.
Always putting others before himself in a bid to safeguard the nation, he has trained
hundreds of the emirate’s residents on life-saving techniques and first aid for children.
Dr. Taisser’s contributions to health and safety make his a very well-entitled recipient of a
prestigious Abu Dhabi Award.
Al Sayed Abdulla Al Sayed Al Hashimi (UAE)
Dedicating his life and work to public service for the greater good, throughout his years
of service Al Sayed Abdulla Al Sayed Al Hashemi, also known as Al Sayed Al Oud, (or
the Senior Sayed), has contributed to public life with great sincerity, huge determination
and a remarkable commitment. His initiative is testament to a remarkable modest man
who asks for no recognition of his good deeds. Educated and raised with a firm moral
outlook, in a family of religious scholars, Al Sayed Abdulla’s father Al Sayed Mohamed
Al Sayed Al Hashimi was a respected judge and religious scholar and instilled values of
honesty in his son. As an advisor to the Rulers of the Emirate, Al Sayed Abdulla has
witnessed the various stages of Abu Dhabi’s development since the discovery of oil, firstly
for the late Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and later for the late Shaikh Zayed
Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
Upon the late Shaikh Zayed’s succession, Al Sayed Abdulla worked as a personal advisor
to the Ruler. As the appointed Director of Shaikh Zayed’s Private Department, he played
an influential part in the financial and administrative procedures and management of the
late Shaikh Zayed’s palaces, farms, personnel, procurement and employee salaries. He
also organised a number of construction and development projects funded by Shaikh
Zayed including Hajj and Umrah. Every project Al Sayed Abdulla Al Sayed Al Hashimi
has been involved in, he has thrown himself into with quiet determination and now the
Abu Dhabi Awards are able to give him credit for the outstanding difference he has made
to public services.