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Taking Control in Challenging Circumstances
As the second largest Arab economy and the fourth largest
oil exporter in the world the UAE’s current growth will
continue to be powered by new technologies. The UAE’s
capital markets including its stock exchange have grown
rapidly in a short period in comparison to equity markets
of other Gulf economies. Within a challenging economic
environment she has overseen many successful economic
projects and under her leadership global chemical
industries based in the UAE have seen significant
expansion despite the difficult global environment. At the
end of 2011 Abu Dhabi’s Minister of Foreign Trade, Her
Excellency remarked that free trade and the prevention
of protectionist measures had been among the most
important growth factors that led the UAE economy
to recovery from the global financial crisis. Innovation
has played a huge role in the growth of the region and
credit must be given to Her Excellency as she has strived
to promote a culture of innovation and encourage
entrepreneurial aspirations throughout the population of
the UAE. Enforcing highly intellectual property policies
and ensuring provision of incentives for enterprise, Lubna
is dedicated to the creation of more job opportunities for
the young people of the UAE. She takes great pleasure in
her role as Minister of Foreign Trade and as one of the
most Prominent government officials in the UAE she uses
her power of leadership to promote trade in her county
and prosperity amongst her people. Recognising within
her role the importance of fostering strong international
trade relationships she visits four countries every month to
stay informed and build on relations.
A Fitting Tribute
Her pivotal role in the UAE Government as the Minister
of Foreign Trade is time consuming and highly involved,
yet this remarkable woman doesn’t stop there. On 27 Jan.
2012 in Washington, Minister of Foreign Trade Sheikha
Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi was named member of the
International Council on Women’s Business Leadership
(ICWBL) in recognition of her such outstanding
achievements. It is only fitting that her outstanding efforts
in women’s empowerment across all fields be marked in
this prestigious manner and the tribute is highly deserved.
ICWBL provides the United States government with
vital support on major issues in international business and
economic policy, such as the successful assimilation of
business interests and women’s economic empowerment
into overall foreign policy; the role and restrictions
of international economic institutions from a gender-
specific angle; and the Department of State’s role in
promoting and actively developing the role of women
within a competitive global economy. During the
council’s inaugural session, held in presence of the U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other high profile
women leaders, Sheikha Lubna was delighted to join an
illustrious, diverse, and international membership for
the Council. Representing a wide range of expertise and
backgrounds, she is in good company as council members
include Cherie Blair, Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation
for Women (United Kingdom) and Indra Nooyi,
Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, Inc.
(USA). Secretary Clinton will serve as the Council’s
Thanking Secretary Clinton for bestowing the honour of
becoming a member of this important initiative, Sheikha
Lubna told the council it was; “a great honour to the
women of the UAE and a testimony to the significant
progress made by the women of the UAE in political,
social, economic and cultural fields.” She went on to assert
that the wonderful achievements made by the women
of the UAE, were made possible thanks to the country’s
inspirational leadership under the late Sheikh Zayed
bin Sultan Al Nahyan and H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint
Showing no Signs of Slowing
Ministerial duties it seems are just the beginning. Sheikha
Lubna is also actively involved in a number of ambitious
businesses ventures such as sitting on the Board of
Directors (honorary) for the National US Arab Chamber
of Commerce. Her incredible achievements in both the
public and private sectors speak volumes about her vision
and ability. In a passionate bid to persuade more Arab
women to set up their own retail businesses she has even
launched her own perfume line. Leading by example to
encourage the nation to achieve great success she is living
proof that women really can have it all. So, she’s one of
most powerful 100 women in world according to Forbes
List? Well the evidence speaks for itself.