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Boghart represents a singular vision of fine jewelry. It is an exceptional manufacturer, based out
of Geneva, offering artistic authenticity of the items. Rare gems and stones are at the epicentre of
its creations. An inspired design and especially the audacity of commitment are paramount. The
virtuosity of the techniques vanishes behind the nearly natural harmony of the shapes that are
represented. Yet, tradition always competes with innovating techniques, at the precise spot where
past and future unite or where origins and cultures converge in the freest of imaginations. This is
where the unique pieces of Bogh-Art are born.
Every Bogh-Art jewel is created with the same idea in mind - put the stone at the centre of the jewel. Let it blossom, let it
bloom and whatever you do, don’t cover it up. With a little bit of magic, the metal disappears. Bogh-Art are nothing less
than the humble servitors of the beautiful stone.
This whole narrative only makes real sense when you know the rich and moving story of the Boghossian family. For over
100 years, four generations have lived with a love of stones. It hasn’t always just been jewels though - they love natural
pearls and precious stones, white and coloured diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. The fact is when one dearly
venerates precious stones, one is in the best position to truly honour them and put them in the perfect setting. This
simple idea is the essence behind the creation of Bogh-Art: high quality jewelry of course - where each piece is totally
unique and original.
The philosophy was there, but it’s also essential to have the means to make it happen. Bogh-Art jewelry is at the centre of a
unique combination: rare stones, original and refined designs, and an incredible state-of-the-art technique. The different
Bogh-Art collections are a testament to this truth. Bogh-Art masters the art of “stone inlays”, a decorative technique
of inserting one stone into another. When one admires one of their jewels, it all seems so easy - but it’s only on close
inspection that one can appreciate the incredible precision required - so that nothing but the shine and sparkle of the
stone appears at the end. It’s inevitable - but the motto is always the same: the stone, the stone, the stone.
Tradition should never get in the way of creativity. On the contrary, it’s when one is a master of one’s art that you can
let go, look ahead and innovate. The “Fibre” collection, combining carbon fibre, glass and metal with diamonds is a
demonstration of this. In truth, Bogh-Art is a paradox: deep traditional roots on one side and new techniques, new
materials on the other. There’s audacity, certainly - daring, absolutely - but that’s never an excuse to succumb to the siren’s
temptation of being “the latest fashion”. The idea is not to be different for the sake of it, but instead to create a different
emotion in a world that often, sadly seems just a little too rational.
Enough of words. Open your eyes, and see the jewelry yourself. Let your emotions be your guide, it’s all about that after
all - that feeling you have when one is looking at true beauty. All the rest is just literature.