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esigned by Hermes in partnership with world renowned jeweller and
shoe designer Pierre Hardy, this Hermes Kelly is made out of solid rose
gold dotted with a total of 1160 diamonds. The Kelly bracelet bag can
be carried conventionally or worn with the handles around the wrist as a sort of
bangle. After a few minutes of imagining, I guess I can see how the body of the
“bag” might hang from the wrist without looking too awkward.
This isn’t just a piece of jewelry, though. Hardy molded the rose gold to look like
crocodile leather, and the flap closure actually works, although the bag is too small
to hold even a pair of sunglasses. Total manufacturing time on the pieces (yes,
there are four styles that will be made three times each, for a total of 12 bags,
according to the Financial Times) was two years.
Let that sink in for a second and then join me after the jump.
The natural response to the news that Hermes plans to make $24 million on a
dozen tiny bags is probably to look out the window and make sure that the
apocalypse isn’t upon us, and as far as I can tell, it’s not. (But, you know, maybe
buy some bottled water just in case.) It wasn’t too long ago that people were
choking on the idea of a $200,000 Hermes bag, that one also dotted with diamonds.
On further reflection, however, this is probably a genius move based on what we
know about Hermes’ dedicated and wealthy customer base. On our Forum, I’ve
seen collection photos fromwomen who have what seems like dozens of crocodile
Birkins and Kellys; those women likely also patronize extremely high-end jewelers
as well, and it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that 12 of themwould
have both the excessive means and the collector’s compulsion to snatch up one of
these bag-bracelets. If only so that they can display it in their surely vast closets.
Hermes is a brand that monitors its own public image very, very carefully, so the
two years lead time and considerable resources that went into making these bags
were obviously pored over in every detail. The end result fits with the brand
identity very well: extravagant wealth, fantastical luxury, the best of everything, a
strong sense of the house’s history. Don’t be surprised if these pieces sell out
quickly and more projects like this one come forth in the future. After all, Hermes
is one of the only brands in the world that has the kind of devoted, wealthy
customer base that can make a would-be publicity gimmick into a sellable piece
of company history. Because of the extravagant materials, Hermes can only
reproduce three of each design. With only 12 bags in this extremely limited
production, wealthy collectors may have a hard time getting their hands on one.
But who exactly will be buying them? "I have no idea," Pierre Hardy told the
Financial Times. "But maybe they will have two bodyguards!" Patrick Thomas,
the CEO of Hermes also joked about their audacious new creations.
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