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rioni, a heavenly archipelago facing the Istrian Coast, wafting in the intense
fragrances of Mediterranean vegetation. Along its gentle slopes, deer still roam free
among the ruins of Roman and Byzantine villas.
rioni was a paradise for the jet-set of antiquity, found its lure again in the early 1900s as it
welcomed the elite of Europe who sought an exclusive site to golf, go horse-back riding and
play polo. It was this very island that would later become the icon of a small Roman tailor
shop, poised to become the absolute star of Italian style worldwide
Nazareno Fonticoli, a tailor from the ancient city of Penne in the Abruzzo Region of Italy
and entrepreneur Gaetano Savini founded the Briono tailor shop in via Barberini in Rome.
It was here that the dreamof ItalianHigh Fashion took shape, a blend of technical and stylistic
It was in 1952 that Brioni innovated the fashion show concept at Palazzo Pitti in Florence,
already considered the gateway to Italian fashion, and showed men on the catwalk for the
very first time. Two years later, in 1954 Brioni conquered the United States and the movie
industry, becoming the chosen wardrobe for many celebrated Hollywood stars. The year of
1957 was a turning point in the history of men’s fashion: Brioni added a touch of colour to
formalwear and in particular, to a series of dinner jackets: culminating in the Hess collection.
In 1958: “Good Luck” was launched, this was an exuberant, refined fragrance, created to
celebrate the spirit of the times.
In 1960, the young tailor fromAbruzzo and the entrepreneur fromUmbria made their mark
as the world’s ambassadors of Italian sartorial excellence. Building a string identity the
company melded ancient sartorial principles with modern industrial organization, thus
keeping ahead of the new languages of fashion and the revolutions in taste.
While the 1970s saw experimentalism erupt onto the fashion landscape, Brioni kept the
relationship between innovation and traditions intact. Increasingly aware of how they present
themselves, men started opening their wardrobes not only to more colours, but also to new
Sophisticated&Super Stylish.
Francesco Pesci - Brion CEO