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combinations of colour ways and accessories. Brioni rode this wave to great
recognition. With increasing success, Brioni began offering a total look
enhanced with men’s accessories. Thanks to its own knowledge, Brioni
refined one of the mainstays of men’s attire: the tie was given its own line.
Brioni excellence paves the way for others to follow. In the aim of passing on
sophisticated sartorial skills, the Nazareno Fonticoli Scuola Superiore di
Sartoria tailoring school was founded in 1985. Conceived to teach the ancient
craft to a new generation, the course was broken down into a 4-year academic
course and an internship. The 220 phases needed to produce a Brioni
garment became a cultural code.
The 1990’s were years of great expansion, with the Penne site enlarged to
hold 700 employees and with more than 300 shops in the best locations
scattered across the globe. With the purchase of the Burini and Ciceri shirt
factories and the Sforza leather-goods shop, the knowledge and the
productive skills were extended to the new products and materials. In
addition, a world of sportswear was established and would soon become an
icon of elegance in casual leisure wear. 1995 marked the opening of the New
York boutique on 57th Street and publication of the book Brioni, fifty years
of style, crowning a half century of extraordinary work.
Brioni is universally recognized as the most prestigious luxury brand in the
men’s fashion world. Likewise, the materials and finishing used in the
women’s collection reflect the same expertise combined with a great
personality. Over the years, full awareness of its illustrious history and future
has driven the company’s direction; ever renewing itself while remaining
true to its own identity. AN increased attention to the women’s line and
accessories as well as prime quality sartorial services, continues to enhance
our view of business and product interpretation. We are present throughout
the world and ready to clothe the new generation’s desire of taste and
The method:
Each Brioni product is worked as though it were a single, unique piece.
Each detail is carefully honed with a ritual that has come down over the years,
passed on from one generation to the next. Brioni is an entire world of the
“custom made”, built around 25 thousand different combinations and the
ability to create a customized total look. Dozens of people come together to
create a Brioni suit; each being a specialist in their individual field. Design,
stitching, ironing, testing, there is no margin for error. Each thread is always
in the right place, each pleat suited for the individual customer. Each garment
is truly unique.
The master tailor:
First and foremost, Brioni’s production capacity is sartorial: the tailor is the
distinctive element. A Brioni Master Tailor has studied excellence and can
hone it to the individual customer.
The school:
Only respect for traditions can guarantee continuity. After its initial success,
the older tailors neared retirement, perpetuation of Brioni’s output was at
risk. The inability to find craftsmen working at a single, uniformly high
standard prompted the company to create a school for tailors: the Nazareno
Fonticoli Scuola Superiore di Sartoria. After careful initial screening, the
youths who are accepted take an authentic trip back in time, year after year
learning traditional sartorial methods. Each of the students finds their own
specialization and then immediately enters to the become part of the Brioni
staff, thus making a contribution to its perfection.