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Sophisticated&Super Stylish.
There is a fine line that runs from the Abruzzo hills to the great icons of film,
the entertainment industry and high society. This line starts in the Nazareno
Fonticoli tailoring school fromwhich it is masterfully stitched onto that fabric
of the well-lit international streets; this thread is donned by the true legends,
who today more than ever before identify themselves with a gratifying,
personal style that is never brash and is always open to experimentation.
What makes a star a legend is a uniqueness that bears no imitation. It is not
by chance that one encounters Brioni style along the streets of the jet-set.
You can recognise it at a glance.
James bond never ages. The actors have changed but each brings his own
personal style to the character. The class remains the same: the unmistakable
Brioni elegance that has characterized celebrities of the silver screen,
underlining their elegance, vitality and otherworldliness.
Golden Eye (1995), Tomorrow never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough
(1999), Die Another Day (2002) Pierce Brosnan, Casino Royale (2006).
Polo is the history and destiny of Brioni. The Brioni Polo Club, founded in
1924, was the first Italian club of its sort; presaging the advent of a brand that
would epitomize its elegant, virile style. Brioni has organized three editions
of the Brioni Polo classic and participated in the Cartier Polo World Cup on
Snow at St Moritz, winning in both years 2007 and 2008. This passion was
translated into a collection for the players, polo-lovers and gentlemen drawn
in by the love of the sport; fruition of competitive spirit and refinement.
The coalition between Brioni and the Royal College of Art was spawned by
the desire to take the style and cut that has made Brioni such a unique,
inimitable brand and export it to a destination that has always been the bastion
of things sartorial. The Royal College of Art is true melting pot of creativity
that has shaped such talents as Ridley Scott and David Hockney. It is in this
effervescent context that Brioni chose to participate in theMenswear Fashion
Design Course, making its legendary tailoring school and the professionalism
of its Master Tailors available to others.
Brioni Suite
Four Seasons- A second home is like a second skin. Entering the Brioni suite
is like opening the door on a room reserved for momentous occasions,
intimate celebrations, yet also utmost relaxation. The suite – a landing point
set on the top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan – marks the coming
together of two of the world’s most luxurious identities: the Four Seasons,
who agreed to a unique partnership with a luxury brand, through to the
creative designers who performed the styling operations and were able to
astound and accommodate the most discerning guest.
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