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A tribute to enchanting Arabia with three iconic creations that represent the
Orient in all its original splendour. This legendary and historic birthplace of
perfumes is the earliest land in the collective Western imagination, one that
bears the most symbolic essences
his perfumed trilogy is a first, reserved for the Eastern world.
Guerlain decided to enhance and adorn it with luxurious and
radiant arabesques worthy of the Thousand and One Nights.
There would be no great fragrances without the Orient…Thierry Wasser,
Guerlain’s perfumer-creator, wanted to demonstrate this concept in his
own way, with sumptuousness and freedom, while giving dazzling
expression to the notes that make these lands an inexhaustible source of
From the dawn of time, frankincense, roses, orange blossoms, herbs,
spices, wood, amber, myrrh, saffron and benzoin, to name a few, have been
venerated for both religious and cultural reasons. The great prophets
recommended perfume as a means of distinction and employed it during
essential smoke rituals. From this almost sacred olfactory heritage, and by
the grace of the perfumer, the present collection was developed with
precise motivations and an infinitely voluptuous atmosphere.
These three olfactory tales also bring to mind an Orient on the border of
legend and reality. From the desirable desert, which subjugates man with
its unlimited power and infinite, untameable beauty, to life-saving and
idyllic oases or real or imagined dream palaces. All of these shimmering
visions are delightful pretexts to transcend a contemplative world with
unprecedented sensorial riches.
There has always been a beautiful love story, an undeniable and faithful
bond, between Guerlain and the Orient. Superb compositions are the
prestigious proof. With the creation of Shalimar (1925), Jacques Guerlain
founded the great oriental olfactory family. As rounded as a waltz, it
majestically combines the sweet, opiate notes of balms, precious woods
and vanilla with flowers and exotic essences to embody the opulence of
faraway horizons imbued with mystery.
Now, 200 lucky readers, from this May 2012 edition of Simply Abu Dhabi,
will have the opportunity to sample the sensuous world of this particular
scent, dreamt up by these wonderful perfumers. The generous team at
Guerlain and Management at Simply Abu Dhabi would love you to
experience the exotic sensations of the SONGE D’UN BOIS D’ÉTÉ
It isn’t the easiest task to translate aromas and scents into words by which
our readers can truly appreciate the experience but we have illustrated to
our best skill, a description of SONGED’UNBOIS D’ÉTÉ and the other
fragrances within this divine collection by the gorgeous Guerlain.
Guerlain's new
exclusive collection:
Les déserts d'orient
Guerlain in paris gallery in marina mall Abu Dhabi