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f someone offered you the possibility of owning a giant LED TV – the first of its
kind for outdoor usage – you know you’d be intrigued. Imagine being able to watch
live sports events with a 201 inch diagonal TV on your terrace, with your friends;
playing a round of simulated golf or Fifa soccer on the PS3 as the sun comes up; or
catching your favourite movie on Blu-Ray in the cool of the evening air.
Then imagine the entire television set, and don’t forget this being the world’s largest
TV set, disappearing into the ground at the touch of a button. For movie, game and
gadget lovers, this technological dream is now a reality.
An exceptional project, involving four years of research, has married the super styling
of the Porsche Design Studio with the expertise of the Global Bright Group, a world
leader in supplying professional LED screens. The result is the C SEED 201 – a state
of the art television that quite literally grows out of the ground in 15 seconds. At the
top of its 4.6 m (15 ft.) high pillar, an 11 m² (116 sq. ft.) screen unfolds silently – seven
panels which, in 25 seconds, resolve themselves into a seamless surface where high
luminosity images can be seen regardless of direct sunlight. This is the first time an
outdoor television has been able to offer such high quality daylight capability. If the
weather isn’t that good in your region and your mansion or palace is big enough you
can always choose to have it installed inside as well!
The C SEED 201 is available in a black metal finish, and with the exacting streamlined
design that defines the philosophy of the Porsche Design Studio, is the ultimate addition
to a luxury home or hotel. A handmade product, it can only be issued in very limited
numbers. As such, the C SEED 201 has all the desirability of a Saville Row tailor-made
suit – it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Meet theCSEED201 a
201 inch LEDTV.
Roland Heiler CEO of Porsche Design Studio
Cinema goers,
prepare to be amazed
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