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combine with superior finishes to create
unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics. A
range that deservedly features the illustrious
‘Cavallino Rampante’(Prancing Horse) marque.
The Scuderia Ferrari Collection is inspired by the
competition, speed, and technological innovation
of the Ferrari F1 team. Each product takes its design
cues from the sleek racing lines and iconic chassis
features that make Ferrari cars so instantly
recognisable and globally adored. This collection
carries the exclusive Scuderia Ferrari badge,
recognising a shared vision of power, excellence
and success.
Headphones and Earphones:
The Ferrari Cavallino Headphones and Earphones
deliver a premium audio experience coupled with
sumptuous comfort. With a focus on fine materials
and detail, the collection is available in the
following formats:
The G150 Earphones, which feature TFAT and
noise isolating technology.
The Scuderia Ferrari Headphones and Earphones
offer sleek design and high-quality audio,
accompanied by superior comfort level in and on
the ears. Mirroring Ferrari’s F1 focus, the whole
collection is available in the following formats:
The R300 Over-Ear Headphones, which offer
active noise cancellation (ANC) technology.
Andrea Perrone, the Senior Vice President of Brand
Management at Ferrari told Simply Abu Dhabi that
“Performance and quality underpins everything
Ferrari does. We design and create cars which
reflect our customers’ aspirations, those who strive
for, and achieve, the best in life. We have long held
a strong desire to move into the audio market and
selected Logic3 as our partner based on the
company’s passion and enthusiasm for audio
excellence. The Ferrari by Logic3 collection
encapsulates the passion, flare and technical
excellence that we pride ourselves on at Ferrari and
we cannot wait to share this innovative collection
with Ferrari owners, fans and audio fans alike.”
For more information please visit Logic3 online at
Find Logic 3 on facebook at
he Ferrari by Logic3 collection comprises
a range of earphones, headphones and
speaker docks that celebrate Ferrari’s
excellence and flair, both on the road and in
motorsport, by delivering superior audio
performance and beautiful design.
Ferrari selected Logic3 to produce the collection
based on its proven, consistent and high quality
audio heritage, combined with the company’s
long-held passion and desire to produce the very
best audio products on the market.
Recognising the need to build this new range of
audio equipment from the ground up, Logic3 has
worked with highly respected audio designers in
this specialised field to create a range of unique
audio products that bring Ferrari’s iconic Italian
heritage to life.
The Ferrari team has been closely involved with
Logic3 throughout the entire process, ensuring the
marque’s characteristic style, design and personality
are captured within every product.
The Ferrari by Logic3 range is comprised
of two styles:
The Ferrari Cavallino Collection is influenced by
the emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s iconic
GT road cars. Premium textures and materials
Cavallino G150 Black
Cavallino G150 White