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When Swiss Watchmaking
Heritage meets Avant-Garde
What happens when a Swiss watchmaker, world renowned since
1860 for its skilled workmanship, precision engineering and avant-
garde design, extends its savoir-faire to the leading edge of 21st
century communication technology?
The answer is the TAG Heuer LINK, the first Swiss luxury
touchscreen smartphone, operating on Android.
TAG Heuer LINK: A World Premiere
The TAG Heuer LINK is the ultimate communication tool. Swiss-
engineered, French-built, and powered by the world’s most advanced
operating system, it shares the core values of every breakthrough TAG
Heuer creation: advanced design and materials, peerless hand
assembled and finished craftsmanship, unsurpassed reliability, and a
total commitment to the avant-garde.
The first luxury smartphone with a tactile screen, it is also the first
equipped with upgradeable Google Android software, meaning
unparalleled access and connectivity. Android’s ability to switch
quickly between applications brings incomparable multitasking
power, making the TAG Heuer LINK one of the fastest phones on
the market: menus open at lightning speed, tabs are super responsive,
web pages load with virtually no lag time, and access to news and
weather widgets and Skype messaging is instantaneous. A superlative
design object and a powerful resource, a pleasure to hold and delight
to use, the TAGHeuer LINK is essential equipment for adventurers,
sportsmen and business executives. With it, a world of exclusivity and
prestige is, literally, at your fingertips.
TAG Heuer LINK: Mastering Speed with 1 GHZ
of processor power
When TAG Heuer launched the MERIDIIST in 2008, the world’s
first Swiss-engineered communications instrument, it mastered an
entirely new realm of high technology. The TAG Heuer LINK, the
world’s first Swiss-engineered smartphone, enriches the offer even
further. Unlike anything else on the luxury market, the TAG Heuer
LINK is a high-performance machine of unprecedented
functionality. Extreme reliability and robustness are guaranteed
through a battery of quality tests well exceeding industry standards.
Stand out features include lightning-fast connectivity, 16-million
color screen resolution, a large 3.5’’ display, a high-definition 5-mega-
pixel auto-focus camera, 11 hours of music play time, and, through
its avant-garde Android operating system, download access to over
250,000 applications. It also comes fully loaded with a host of TAG
Heuer add-ons: customized screen designs, widgets, animations,
wallpapers, icons and ring tones.
Swiss Watchmaking tradition allied with the latest
in hi-tech telephony
The TAG Heuer LINK is instantly recognizable as a top-end TAG
Heuer product, avant-garde both for its ergonomic design and its
very contemporary elegance. Motion, purity, curve, precision, a
shimmering dynamism in its form and silhouette — these are its
signature values.
The luxury handset is composed of classic watch components and
cutting-edge technology. Fully shockproof, the body is engineered
like the case of a TAG Heuer watch. As airtight and locked-down as
a strong box, it provides full protection of the precious contents —
your videos, photos, files and data — sealed in its interior.
Other signature TAG Heuer references include the screws on the
handset’s reinforced chassis, which echo those on the casebacks of
TAGHeuer chronographs. The unique autolock system on the side,
which gives quick access to the SIM card, the connection port and
the memory card, sports the TAGHeuer’s shield in black lacquer and
looks like a classic TAG Heuer timepiece crown.
A luxury design object of ultimate prestige and
Luxuriously crafted and detailed, the TAGHeuer LINK incorporates
the most prestigious materials and advanced components in the
watchmaking and automotive worlds, including black PVD,
diamonds and rose gold. The mirror-polished and fine-brushed
stainless steel is premium grade surgical 316L, corrosion-resistant and
hypoallergenic. The big display front is made from visually stunning,
lightweight, and highly damage-resistant Gorilla glass®. The
exclusive, hand-worked coverings are in calfskin, alligator or lizard.
Every material, precious stone and exotic skin or leather is sourced
within the strictest industry standards.
Exclusively launched in TAG Heuer retailers in July 2011, the TAG
Heuer LINK is the essential work hard/play instrument, ideal for
business and entertainment. Like the watchmaking heritage that
inspires it, it delivers avant-garde luxury with uncompromising
strength, precision and reliability. A communications instrument of
uncompromised calibre and capabilities, it shares the pinnacle of
high-performance engineering and innovation with its partner, the
MERIDIIST. Like it, the TAG Heuer LINK seriously upgrades the
way the world connects.