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That’s how the Aventador J came to exist. With the J, everything about the Aventador has
been pared down to the basics in a quest for pure quality. Most importantly, the J has no
roof and windscreen, which have been replaced with two small wind deflectors in front
of the driver and passenger compartments. There’s no climate control, no navigation and
no audio system either: because those features are not essential for performance. The
manufacturer wanted this car to be an expression of masterfully refined class: "an utterly
indescribable experience of power and dynamics."
Continuing this quest for the ultimate driving experience, materials of unsurpassable
quality have been used in the car’s manufacture. The front air scoop, bumpers, winglets,
and rear diffuser are all produced from the very best carbon fibre. And the cutting edge
carbon fibre fabric "Carbonskin" has been used on the seats and interior trim.
The front of the elegant J is narrower than the standard Aventador, and is dominated by
a distinctive carbon fibre air scoop. The superb design and craftsmanship extend to the
car’s carbon-fibre rear diffuser, four tail pipes, and rear lights – which have a classic
Lamborghini light signature in the form of a Y - as well as a fixed spoiler mounted on the
body shell by two arms. Front and rear bumpers are enhanced with carbon fibre fins that
act as flow deviators, increasing the vehicle’s downforce - at the front as well as the rear.
The Aventador J is painted in an exclusively developed red tone, which contrasts
L a m b o r g h i n i Av e n t a d o r J
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