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Possessing a versatile fleet of nine aircraft, including six Boeing
Business Jets, two Gulfstream G300s and a Learjet 60, Royal
Jet is well equipped to meet each of its clients' unique needs
and specifications.
Operating six aircraft, Royal Jet is the largest worldwide
operator of the Boeing Business Jet. With its imposing
presence and luxurious characteristics, the Boeing Business Jet
is a strong favorite amongst Royal Jet’s VIP clients. Depending
on the client’s choice of configuration, the jet can comfortably
seat up to 52 passengers, including the option of an in-flight
bedroom suite for long haul flights. Earlier this year, Royal Jet
commissioned an extensive $9 million upgrade for one of its
Boeing Business Jets to allow for interior refurbishments and
a systems upgrade of all in-flight technological amenities.
Also in Royal Jet’s fleet is the iconic Gulfstream G300, an
aircraft that has become synonymous with wealth and luxury.
Naturally, Royal Jet was the first independent operator to take
delivery of the G300 in 2003. The disposition of this aircraft
makes it ideal for medium range journeys, particularly
between Europe and the UAE. With two planes in possession,
the G300 is often utilized in Royal Jet’s Medical Evacuation
missions around the world.
Royal Jet operates out of its own Fixed Based Operations
(FBO) and VIP Terminal located at Abu Dhabi International
Airport. In addition to maintaining Royal Jet’s sizeable fleet,
this state of the art facility also offers a full selection of services
to aircraft of external operators and private owners.
Capitalising on Abu Dhabi’s ideal geographic location between
Europe and Asia, Royal Jet’s award-winning facility has
deservedly emerged as the Middle East’s premier one-stop
destination for private aircraft of all kinds.
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