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“We should think of Phantom design as a piece of popular, classical music.
Over time this has the possibility of different interpretations without losing
the essential melody that we know so well.” Ian Cameron – Rolls-Royce
Motor Cars Director of Design
Like a piece of inspirational music, the Rolls-Royce Phantom continues to
delight an audience. Familiar melodies - classic design cues that can be traced
through the model generations - are brought to life by an orchestra of
craftspeople working at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, where
attention to the finest detail delights in every car.
Familiar themes begin with the famous Spirit of Ecstasy, proudly adorning
eachmodel’s Pantheon grille leaning into the wind with fluttering gown, while
in side profile all Phantom family members present a long rear over-hang and
classic two-to-one wheel to body height.
The thin-rimmed steering-wheel is reminiscent of elegantly engineered
multifunction helms of the Phantom II and III, while further cues in the form
of bulls-eye air vents and organ-stop plungers further hint at past masterpieces.
But 21st Century design cues also delight owners, as well as those for whom
a glimpse of a Rolls-Royce is a rare moment to be treasured. The interlocked
double-R Rolls-Royce monogram in the hubcaps, for example, which remain
upright at all times. And coach doors with soft close function, which house
Teflon-coated umbrellas to provide the grandest form of disembarkation from
any motor car, whatever the weather.
Nearly ten years from launch, the design team responsible for creating a
modern masterpiece remain at Rolls-Royce. And for Director of Design Ian
Cameron, updating a 21st Century classic would start with one priority: a
harmonious, timeless design to embrace state-of-the-art technological
The new, modern front-end for Phantom Series II, perhaps best exemplifies
changes that are more than skin deep. Recessed behind new rectangular light
apertures and re-designed front bumpers are fully LED light clusters. The
signature is an elegant and dramatic bar, capturing the simple elegance of a
continuously lit element, a feature complementing Rolls-Royce tail light
design. For balance and proportion, this is integrated horizontally across the
centre of Phantom’s four-compartment headlamp.
Phantom Coupé and Drophead Coupé now come with a single piece grille
surround, presenting a smoother, more contemporary front end that arches
into sculpted front wings, while Phantom saloon features a new rear bumper
incorporating a polished stainless steel highlight.
Phantom Saloon and Extended Wheelbase wear a new front wing R-R badge
with repeat indicator while three new wheel options, including painted, part-
polished and polished, add to the range of 21” wheels, the largest fitted as
standard to any production car.
“The result is thoroughly modern, yet embraces those traditional design cues.
It’s a familiar design, but it’s lit in a different way.” – Ian Cameron
Simplicity of design and the very finest materials contribute to the timeless
architecture of any Phantom, where touch points are exclusively wood,
chrome and leather and where feet can easily be lost in deep, lambswool rugs.
Arguably the best place to experience Phantom’s luxury is from the rear seat
of Phantom Saloon where passengers - elevated by 18 mm - are presented
with an inspirational view down the long sweep of the bonnet and onto the
Spirit of Ecstasy. A reduction in the number of seat flutes in front and rear,
from five to three, gives a more modern complement to the car’s sumptuous
natural grain leather and flutes are also added to Drophead Coupé and Coupé
seats for Phantom Series II.
An oasis of calm, Rolls-Royce interiors are the perfect environment in which
to relax and unwind in welcoming silence. But they can also be a centre for
entertainment. Phantom Saloon’s theatre configuration adds two monitors
within veneered picnic tables for rear seat passengers which are linked to a
multi-media player, mounted in a compartment at the rear of the centre
console. The inclusion of AV connectors, a six-DVD changer housed in the
lower glove box and USB port in the centre console, means occupants can
view separate content wherever they may be seated, front or rear.
The LOGIC7TM surround sound system by Harman can create a truly
cinematic experience on any journey. Seven individual sound signals are
processed specifically for the car and its interior conditions using a
combination of speakers that include subwoofers housed within resonance
chambers in the space created by Phantom’s double floor. A nine-channel
amplifier delivers supreme clarity, clearly placing musical instruments, sound
effects and dialogue at different depths giving the impression of sitting in row
one or 20 of a concert.
At the touch of a button, Phantom’s elegant analogue clock flips to reveal a
new control centre display. The screen has increased in size from 6.5 to 8.8
inches with enhanced pixel density providing a more refined image, as well as
split-menu display for more intuitive access to different functions.