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entley is offering a vision of the future with a dramatic new Sport Utility Vehicle concept, EXP 9 F, at
the Geneva International Salon d’Auto. The Company’s designers and engineers have created a
compelling new take on the Grand Touring Bentley - a vehicle that feels equally at home at an opera
gala performance, on the sand dunes and the overtaking lane of the autobahn.
Unmistakably a Bentley – yet a Bentley like none before it – the EXP 9 F could herald a third Bentley model-
line alongside the bespoke Mulsanne and the high performance Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur.
Today a global luxury brand with a network of 160 dealers fromUAE to the USA, Bentley has an increasingly
diverse customer base spanning every continent. For many customers, a dramatically styled, Bentley all-wheel
drive SUV which combines a spacious, versatile cabin and commanding driving position, with Bentley’s
hallmark power, performance, advanced technology and hand crafted luxury, would be a natural choice both
on and off-road.
“We are very excited by the potential of a high performance, ultra-luxury Bentley SUV. We know that many
Bentley customers already own SUVs, admiring their style, luxury, performance and versatility. With EXP 9
F, Bentley is making a clear statement of intent that we have both the expertise and desire to meet and exceed
their expectations.” Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and Chief Executive, Bentley Motors.
Key Bentley styling cues have been re-interpreted for EXP 9 F with innovative detailing : sculptured flowing
surfaces emphasise power, muscularity and robustness. From a designer’s perspective, EXP 9 F was a dream
project, the chance to create a completely new type of Bentley. From the very beginning, the design team had
a clear vision for the new Bentley SUV, as Dirk van Braeckel, Director of Design, explains:
“EXP 9 F had to represent the absolute pinnacle of the sport utility sector, setting a new benchmark for this
type of vehicle. The style had to reflect Bentley’s sporting character despite its radically different package and
purpose together with sculptured, flowing surfaces in keeping with the Bentley tradition.”
A new class of Bentley allowed the styling team to adopt a more progressive design approach. The exterior is
a bold, dynamic statement, combining clean, muscular surfaces with signature character lines, while retaining
the qualities of luxury and power – a pure Bentley.
Key Bentley cues such as the matrix grille, round lamps and the strong power-line and haunch along each
flank are reinterpreted for EXP 9 F. The ‘hewn from solid’ design language and innovative detailing, emphasise
the robust character of this high-luxury SUV.
The designers were inspired not only by the more functional nature of EXP 9 F but by the ‘visible engineering’
of the famous Blower Bentleys. For example, the day-time running lamp apertures also act as the charge cooler
air intakes for the twin-turbo W12 engine, each with a dramatic, mesh-covered turbine fan design and ‘rifled’
inner surface finish.
The turbine theme continues with the stunning 23-inch alloy wheels, the design of which complements the
sculptured coachwork. The multiple spokes are reminiscent of the shape of turbine fan blades while the
centrally mounted wheel nut is a visual reference both to Bentley’s Le Mans racers of the 1920s with centre-
lock spinner and to the single nut found on the modern-day Speed 8’s high-tech racing alloys.
At the rear, the swooping lines of the tailgate avoid utilitarian overtones in favour of a distinctly sporting profile,
while the ultra-wide, two-part split tailgate offers a high level of versatility when grand touring. The bold
design language of EXP 9 F is complemented by twin exhaust tailpipes with ‘rifled’ inner surfaces, their
elliptical shapes echoing those of the rear light clusters.
The rear lights are inspired by the forms and details of fighter jet engines, uniquely designed so that they glow
from within, spreading their light outwards.