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ll chefs love flavours, of course, but none are quite
like Heston Blumenthal. He is a man absolutely
driven to discover the finest andmost exciting new
tastes, always on the cutting edge of gastronomic
developments. Blumenthal has gained critical acclaim for
his fantastic food, and his appearances on television have
made him a household name: who could possibly forget
dishes like snail porridge, or turkey bacon and eggs ice
These were the extraordinary concoctions that Blumenthal
created at his Michelin-starred restaurant in Bray, The Fat
Duck. But what Jordana and I were really excited about is
that he has now brought his world-renowned culinary
expertise to London: his new establishment ‘Dinner’ is
located at the city’s Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel.
There’s a long story behind the seemingly simple choice of
name: Blumenthal has said that he wanted something that
represented historic British gastronomy, but was also fun.
He was interested in the way that the idea of ‘dinner’ has
changed within British society, reflecting the country’s
quirky history and tradition of linguistic playfulness.
‘In the past, the main meal – dinner - was eaten at midday,
before it got too dark,’ Blumenthal has explained.
‘But affordable candles and, later, gaslight saw dinner shift.
By the mid-1800s people were dining later. People working
in the cities were taking a 'lunch' to work and having their
main meal at 5.00pm when they got home, while in rural
areas the main meal was still taken at midday. Even today,
depending where you are in the British Isles, 'dinner' might
be served at lunchtime, suppertime or, indeed, dinnertime!’
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