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History with a twist of fun
But ‘Dinner’ is more than a name: it’s a concept.
When we got to the restaurant we could see that
the interior had been modelled with a firm eye
on tradition, but with a sense of cheeky fun never
far away. For example, the dining roomhad floor-
to-ceiling glass walls, which gave us an amazing
view of the kitchen and its unique pulley system.
We were told that it had been modelled after a
version used by the royal court, and it’s really
quite a spectacle: the pulley's workings look like
the intricate parts of an oversize watch and serve
to rotate the spit on an open fire. There were
some other lovely little touches, too: the ivory-
painted walls were decorated with custom-made
porcelain wall sconces in the shape of antique
jelly moulds. A wall in the bar area displayed
British recipes taken from sixteenth-century
cookbooks – but, like a conjurer's sleight of hand,
these appear and disappear, depending on the
light's reflection!
An eye for detail
The wonderful menu for Dinner has been
devised by Blumenthal together with Ashley
Palmer-Watts, formerly Head Chef of the Fat
Duck and currently Executive Head Chef for the
Fat Duck group. It’s Palmer-Watts who’s
currently heading up the kitchen at Dinner. He
has gained a reputation for having a creative eye
for detail coupled with a great enthusiasm for
research. But most importantly of all, he loves
British ingredients. And it’s these attributes that
have enabled him to create the unique menu of
historically inspired British dishes with
Blumenthal for the new restaurant. As well as
being talented, the pair really are incredibly
dedicated: they spent years researching and
exploring Britain’s gastronomic past, consulting
with food historians and Royal Palaces and
spending endless hours at The British Library.