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The result is a menu that has achieved worldwide
recognition from food critics, chefs and customers alike.
And now that we had a chance to see it for ourselves,
we could see that in its understated and inventive charm,
it was a real achievement. Recipes they have used for
inspiration date as far back as the Royal Courts of King
Henry VIII. And they have certainly produced some
really eye-catching options. Continuing in their restless
quest for culinary perfection, all the dishes have been
dated: savoury porridge (c1660), turkey pudding
(c1730); and taffety tart (1830), are just a few of the
delicious-sounding examples. But - as so often with
Blumenthal - technology has added a modern twist to
Tudor trickery
The most famous dish here is theMandarinMeat Fruit:
it’s inspired by the habit of Tudor kitchens to devise
ways to entertain at great Royal Feasts. One of the tricks
they loved was to serve savoury meat courses disguised
as fruit – can you imagine the surprise on people’s faces?
I’d heard about the amazing meat fruit, and I really
wanted to see how it tasted. Of course it’s a really nice
idea - but more importantly, I discovered that it was
absolutely delicious, too. I broke the layer of mandarin
jelly and found a succulent, soft and juicy chicken liver
parfait. When food tastes this good, you know that hours
of work have gone into it, from the research, to the
conception of the idea, to the cooking. And it’s worth it,
since the result is just perfect. Meanwhile, Jordana opted
for the cod in cider. As it looked so sumptuous, I tried
some myself too, and we were both in agreement that
the flavours balanced each other perfectly: a winning
blend of succulence and sharpness.
All in all, we were quickly coming to realise that this is
quite a phenomenal eating experience. If you thought
you knewwhat British cuisine is like, all I can say is that
you really don’t until you come here. You won’t find
anything like this anywhere else in Britain – no, make
that anywhere else in the world. My only wish was that
we could have tried more dishes, as choices like the
broth of lamb, and hay-smoked mackerel, looked too
good to turn down. For dessert, I chose poached
rhubarb with rosehips and rhubarb sorbet - incredibly
refreshing - while Jordana went for an exquisitely light
and sweet tipsy cake with spit-roast pineapple.
You should remember to look up from your food once
in a while, too, since the restaurant has exceptional views
of Hyde Park, and the interior - like the menu - blends
history and modern style into something truly elegant.
There’s a private dining room which seats up to 10
guests - with the option of overlooking the restaurant
or remaining completely private. There is also a chef’s
table located alongside the kitchen, which seats six. And
if you come during the summer months you will be able
to choose the unsurpassable experience of dining on the
terrace which directly overlooks Hyde Park, offering
one of London’s finest al fresco dining locations. It
sounds like an experience not to be missed – I think we
will have to try it!
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Lamb Broth
Savoury Porridge