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Today, Royal Jet is the world’s foremost
private jet operator. How did this project
His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al
Nahyan had envisioned a private flight service that
would go above and beyond any commercial
airline. In essence, His Excellency wanted to create
a luxury service that would treat every client as a
VIP and ensure his or her expectations were
You have been with Royal Jet for quite some
time. What initially attracted you to this
His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al
Nahyan and I had shared the same passion for
aviation and I recognised the potential to do
something unprecedented in Abu Dhabi. With
that in mind, joining Royal Jet was an easy
How would you say Royal Jet differs from
other Private Jet Operators?
Royal Jet is very much like a luxury 5-star hotel as
every facet of our operation strives to provide the
highest level of service possible. We make sure to
look over every fine detail to exceed the
expectations of our VIP clients. In many ways, we
are similar to an ultra-luxury airline, the key
difference being that we do not follow a set
schedule. Instead, we follow the schedule of our
VIP clients.
2011 was regarded to be a record year for
Royal Jet. What key elements contributed to
this success?
The private aviation industry took a hit during the
global financial crisis, particularly in the corporate
travel sector, yet Royal Jet was in a position that
allowed us to assess our operation and adapt to the
financial environment without having to
compromise the quality of our service as a luxury
flight provider. We implemented a model of
balanced segmentation to diversify our operation
and introduce services such as Medical Evacuation
and the Royal Jet Brokerage, both of which have
proven to be hugely successful. In 2011, we started
to reap the benefits of economies of scale that had
been achieved through strategies implemented in
previous years and this ultimately set the stage for
Royal Jet to thrive and post a record net profit
increase of 226% from the previous year.
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